Discord/IRCD Relay for node.js

By Weldon on Nov 14, 2017

This is a relay bot to link a discord chat server to an ircd server, you must have node.js installed. In Command Prompt type "discord-irc --config YourConfigFileHere.json" Do not include " in the command prompt. (Example: discord-irc --config tesconfig.json). This will start the bot and it will connect to the discord channel and the ircd channel

To invite my Linker bot to your Discord server, use this URL: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=359142426952335370&scope=bot&permissions=0

Copy/Paste the code and edit it to the correct information you need

Edit "LinkingBotName, Your IRCD server, DiscordChannel, Your Discord Server ID and ircdserverchannel"

Still learning node.js so if its messy i am sorry

[// Bot 2 (advanced options):
"nickname": "LinkingBotNameHere",
"server": "Your IRCD server Here",
"discordToken": "MzU5MTQyNDI2OTUyMzM1Mzcw.DKC0Jg.LlwaCg_ePR90RqX7Pi7ZVo1CXDM",
"autoSendCommands": [ // Commands that will be sent on connect
["PRIVMSG", "NickServ", "IDENTIFY password"],
["MODE", "Linker", "+x"],
["AUTH", "Linker", "password"]
"channelMapping": { // Maps each Discord-channel to an IRC-channel, used to direct messages to the correct place
"#DiscordChannelHere": "#irc channel-password", // Add channel keys after the channel name
"DiscordServerIDHere": "#IrcdServerChannelHere" // Use a discord channel ID instead of its name (so you can rename it or to disambiguate)
"ircOptions": { // Optional node-irc options
"floodProtection": false, // On by default
"floodProtectionDelay": 1000 // 500 by default
"format": { // Optional custom formatting options
// Patterns, represented by {$patternName}, are replaced when sending messages
"commandPrelude": "Command sent by {$nickname}", // Message sent before a command
"ircText": "<{$displayUsername}> {$text}", // When sending a message to IRC
"urlAttachment": "<{$displayUsername}> {$attachmentURL}", // When sending a Discord attachment to IRC
"discord": "<{$author}> {$withMentions}" // When sending a message to Discord
// Other patterns that can be used:
// {$discordChannel} (e.g. #general)
// {$ircChannel} (e.g. #irc)
"ircNickColor": true, // Gives usernames a color in IRC for better readability (on by default)
// Makes the bot hide the username prefix for messages that start
// with one of these characters (commands):
"commandCharacters": ["!", "."],
"ircStatusNotices": true // Enables notifications in Discord when people join/part in the relevant IRC channel


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edwardjeff   -  Feb 20, 2021


Hawkee   -  Nov 16, 2017

You should put your code in a code box to give it some formatting.

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