Solo Fouride 4" inch

By BaTTaN on Sep 20, 2021

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I wanted something that could handle everything, a single rig that is equal parts freestyle, Cinema, and Long Range quad. I have seen people have great success with this frame running DJI and hauling an action camera using 2004 to 2203.5 primarily in the 4s KV range. Well I still dont have a digital system but am enjoying all of the high output analog video transmitters and this frame fits the RUSHSPV Solo 1W perfectly.

I have been running a few ultra lights racing rigs using 6s 550-850mah with the Iflight H7 Beast AIO with only a few headaches due to esc issues/configs but with the overhead of the H7 I'll deal with the headaches that come with it untill I find better.

I decided to go with T-Motor 2203.5 1500kv on 6s due to my abudent 6s lipo collection. These are great motors and a solid split pin xt30 and 14 gauge wire with these ESC's give the perfect amount of juice without popping the motors or putting to much load on the ESC's. I am using a 50v 330uF cap for any voltage spikes.

The Loris FPV/HD 4K camera with the RushFPV Solo 1W video transmitter which has great shielding and heat dissipation via its case. The added weight of this analog setup is a trade off as I do not have to carry an action camera for good quality flight recordings. Where the Loris gives great day time quality video and recording it is terrible at low light and if it were not for these racewire led's I would have lost it the first early morning flight I made. The top plate has been slighty modified to allow room for the DC-IN to be routed beside the AIO as I did not want to reverse AIO orientation but wnated the connector to come through the top of frame.

I am using the $9.99 Diatone M180 which is picking up satellites inside my apartment! Mounted flywoo 2 bit racewire on the front arms and 4 bit on the back arms and they are bright and look great at dusk. The TPU is a mix from a number of designers for multiple frames and camera types that some have been remixed to fit this build. Feel free ask for direct link to any part.

This build was not intended to be a sub 250g however does achieve this running 4s. I am getting 7+mins of cruising on 6s 550mah. It is being ran freestyle with tri-blade Gemfan Windancer 4 inch props but also has the ability to use HQ 4x4x6 for added stability and for more cinematic style flying also giving lots of speed but current motor settings have them heating up the motors rather quickly. I am also using KingKong 4 inch prop bumpers for added protection when running the penta-blade props.



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