Gsspin1 commented on a Build, Frelon y6   15 mins ago  

Would anyone happen to have a TPU file for this antenna and immortal t holder?

Gsspin1   13 mins ago 

I can't seem to attach. It is the mount on the orange Frelon above, the one with a dual immortal t and caddx antenna mount.

very nice design! how much was the total cost to build one of those frames and where do you buy the cfk pipes?

Felias - eyefly   2 hours ago 

thanks! The total costs for the frame are super small, it's about 10$ (about 8-9 for the rods, rest for the 3d-print). I added the info at the top. You can find links on the Thingiverse page or on Discord (as suppliers change).

jdmkramer commented on a Build, FPVFlow Notorious Mig | Rekon10 PRO | HD O3 Long Ranger   2 hours ago  

Gorgeous build! This thing could haul a big lipo or liion for days! :)

LynxFPV commented on a Build, Tubular 8inch LongRange 3D printed Quad   Jun 10, 2023  

just purchased the 3008 1155kv T-motors , you seem to be the only one with them. how do you like the feel of how they fly?

maximilian_pircher   3 hours ago 

very powerful, and extremely efficient

ssx556 commented on a Build, 2" 75mm TKS 1s   Jun 24, 2023  

Hi, could you maybe link the STLs for the edge bumpers and the battery tray? Thanks

Xeromool   Jul 04, 2023 

Hey man, those are my designs that I haven't posted anywhere. I'll make a plan to uptoad them to some platform and I'll share the link.

ssx556   Jul 16, 2023 

Did you put them on thingiverse yet?

Xeromool   1 day ago 
Moehrenbaum commented on a Build, 1.6inch DJI Odonata aka "Zero Tolerance"   2 days ago  

How hard was this to build? I consider a remix of this for my very first drone, since it fullfils all the wishes I have for a drone.
Edit: Would also love to see some flight footage

JT_FPV commented on a Build, Solomon's Toothpick, Ancient Wisdom, or Something Else   3 days ago  

This is sick broski. I'll definitely be making one of these. Excited to see what you concoct next.

Sugalime3D FPV commented on a Build, Grasshopper   3 days ago  

Cute frog :D
Looks great

Rotorenpilot commented on a Build, Demon Seed Mark 4 6S   3 days ago  

Hi I'm installing my first dji air unit and I also picked this mark4 frame. My question --> the connecting wire from air unit to FC...did you floss it under the unit? I'm considering to shield it and cable management is one my favorite things in a build, but the wires here come out towards the back, which makes this a bit tricky.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Lightweight Digital 3-Inch for Freestyle   6 days ago  

It looks like your AIO is so long you can't fit the rear standoffs, have you found a solution, or are you flying it "with the tail-gate down"?

kera   4 days ago 

As you mentioned, I have removed two of the rear standoffs as they do not fit. Additionally, since this AIO is elongated in shape, it is important to note that it will interfere with the center standoff if not mounted rotated 90 degrees. I have fixed the bottom plate and top plate for flight using the four standoffs in the front and middle.

kera   4 days ago 

I added 2 photo

lilycollins9x commented on a Build, MuricaFKYA   5 days ago  

Your post was an absolute joy to read! Your writing style is incredibly engaging and you have a talent for making complex ideas and concepts easily understandable. Your use of language and the flow of your writing is so slope smooth and effortless, they kept me completely absorbed throughout.

SQunX commented on a Build, Frelon Why6 hexacopta   Jan 14, 2023  

nice little build!
I like the odd ones

annata20   5 days ago 

I also really like connections it

lorde commented on a Build, 2023 racer   5 days ago  

It's great to hear that your racing build for 2023 has been reliable, despite some melon playground minor issues like broken arms and motors.

great build and details. what props are you using, description says 2023, is that correct and did you cut them down?

wrong17   5 days ago 

Thanks! Sorry, I made a mistake... I am using Gemfan 45mm Tri-blade props

Bigislandfpv commented on a Build, 2Fiddy Ultralight 4" 6S Teal   5 days ago  

do you get props in view?

DeyronUsa commented on a Build, 2” O3 Cinew (no hoops)   11 days ago  

Ha! i had a similar idea. i was flying my pavo pico, yesterday, realized as long as there are ducts it feels like a whoop. And I think it flys well. so I am pulling out some old 2 inch frames and going to put something together this weekend. my goal is 70 grams.... wish me luck!

daich   5 days ago 

looking forward to your build post!

Martin Flite commented on a Build, 2” O3 Cinew (no hoops)   11 days ago  

JHEMCU GHF13 AIO AIO FC has two full sets of UART. I think you missed to notice that the RX1 pad is right next to the motor 2 pad.

This AIO FC is very good for an F411 FC and I used it for a hexacopter.

daich   5 days ago 

oh my, you are 100% right!! totally missed that, thanks!

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   Jun 15, 2023  
choppergirl   6 days ago 

choppergirl commented on a Build, The Spezilicious 65   Apr 15, 2023  
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choppergirl   Jul 19, 2023 

Accounting said that also about the blinky lights Apollo Guidance Computer.

Then they really howled when they saw the completely unnecessary from an engineering standpoint gold foil on the Eagle lunar lander module design.

We got both approved anyway. But not the wet bar.

But we did get all the black girl comptuers we wanted because... affirmative action.
That and.. the Cray-1 simply did not exist yet.

Someone email me and build me a Choppergirl Hoola Hoop Special™

wind_rapport   Jul 19, 2023 

holy hell stfu - annoying af; almost as bad as your content. Please promote this shite somewhere else. I can't even laugh it's like disgustingly cringey damn

choppergirl   6 days ago 

go fuck yourself

momopilots commented on a Build, Pavo Pico 100g AUW - DJI O3   6 days ago  

I bought a HEQ fix wing drone: SWAN K1 Voyager.This fix wing uav has a long battery life about 50 minutes, simple install, and the video/image is clear.

wrong17   6 days ago 

Thats awesome, but that cost thousands of dollar more :)

momopilots   6 days ago 

They also have a 399USD Swan K1 PNP drone, but I’m not good at DIY, so I didn’t buy it.