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Dillon77 commented on a Build, Fiddy Too   13 hours ago  

the led, buzzer and battery connector mount looks good, did you design it yourself?

drakkkooo   7 hours ago 

Thanks. Yes, I designed it.

Dillon77   4 hours ago 

I ordered one of those frames a few weeks ago. Can you share your .stl file please?

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dn820 commented on a Build, ToothFairy 2 Cinewhoop   6 hours ago  

Neat build! Where did you find the files for the slammed V4 ducts? Also what are the advantages of PCTPE?

theresahutchinson commented on a Build, Newbeedrone (Tiny Whoop)   19 hours ago  

Thanks for that! I found it at google

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juliett.papa commented on a Build, Updated: Flugturm S2   1 day ago  

Mein Twig 3 ist mit der gleichen Haube nun fertig. Wie hast du nur die TBS Antenne in die Haube bekommen? Die lässt sich doch nicht biegen...

MamaJOE   1 day ago 

Genau weiß ich es nicht mehr. Aber die ist schon ziemlich biegsam! Ich hab sie glaub V-förmig gebogen und dann in die Schlitze eingeführt. Wenn ich mich recht erinnere habe ich den Schrumpfschlauch in der Mitte etwas gekürzt.

SebOPaolo commented on a Build, Best 6S Cinewhoop EVER! 2204 2966kv Motors   2 days ago  

Ce post est une pépite @beretfpv 🏅🏅🏅 merci pour ce travail et surtout le partage !!!

skrat commented on a Build, ImpulseRC Apex Micro 4" 6S FETtec   2 days ago  

I'm after this same build, kinda arrived at it, and then found this page. So, how does the high KV motors work for you? Are you setting some throttle limiting in the FC and or some curves on the RC?

SierraWave   2 days ago 

No issues whatever. No, have not set any limiting. It flies great and has plenty of punch if you need it.

scirocco commented on a Build, SniperX Light 5" racer   2 days ago  

Hi, how about the weight? dry? with battery? with bat and cam? thnx

SirCrashaLot   2 days ago 

need to drop it on the scale

scirocco   2 days ago 

may be neighbor "dealer" has a precise scale? :)

dyadya commented on a Build, 2.5" Tadpole   23 days ago  

Hi, I have the same build

But can't connect ELRS

How did you connect it to this controller?

Chevro   12 days ago 

Sorry for the late reply,

I wired the receiver to the flight controller as if it were a crossfire receiver. You need ELRS configurator, and to flash the tx module in the radio and the receiver to the same version of elrs, I think 2.0 now. In ELRS configurator, you can set a password, make sure you set this the same on the tx and rx. As far as i know as long as you have the same version firmware on tx and rx, and the same password, tx and rx bind automatically on powerup. Just make sure you power on the transmitter first, because my particular receiver goes into wifi mode really fast. Hopefully this helps you if you haven't figured it out yet.

dyadya   2 days ago 

Thank you! Got it.

OptimaZe commented on a Build, StanFPV - Proxy EXT (lady in red)   2 days ago  

Very nice build!

Jerky_FPV commented on a Build, Under200g all function drone   3 days ago  

How are the nano's holding up on this build? I am thinking about putting them on a 140 gram freestyle but would like validation.

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Allen Iverson   3 days ago  

The vids that Nurk and Jet put out about how light frames (that break easily!?!?!) for practice (a.k.a hitting gates as fast as you possibly can all afternoon) seem poorly thought out, really resonate. Why buy a carbon fiber frame that's gonna break when you use it, that would be FINE if you just changed the dimensions SLIGHTLY. It is tempting to assume that frame designers are ALL saying "huh huh huh, we'll make it break more, so they buy parts, how else are we gonna make money" and their peer fires back "Why would ppl who build and fly, NOT see this as a deal breaker??" and the designer fires back "We'll tell em it's faster" and the peer will respond with "but those increases are only even TANGABLE to a hundred ppl or less, on the whole earf". At that moment they BOTH contemplate how powerfull human ego/arrogance is, and know that all they need to do is get someone we are all watching, and give em enough for free so we all believe they chose it themselves.

OptimaZe commented on a Build, FlyingSquirrel   10 days ago  

Awesome! Will print one this weekend.

rocafel90   9 days ago 

Nice! Tell me what you think. I'm not completely happy with the battery mount yet - maybe it's better to leave out the front and rear screw on the FC and add some anti skid pads there (or pads that stick out higher than the screw heads). I also need a tighter rubber band because the battery is currently very loosely attached...

OptimaZe   9 days ago 

I will definitely keep you posted. I will most likely mount my FC on short standoffs only on the sides and keep the standard configuration similar to my Housefly build here https://rotorbuilds.com/build/27546 As you said that allows me to use a small amount of anti slip pad on the bottom of the frame, and my batteries never move.

rocafel90   4 days ago 

With the anti slip pads it's rock solid!

kwadkenstine commented on a Build, y4Keeto   4 days ago  

Sounds like you had fun building this . It feels good to make something that works , from the bin, thats why i build like i do
. My y4 was also a hack and tail happy.

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