choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack / Open-TX   Mar 24, 2021  
choppergirl   7 hours ago 

789clubwebvn commented on a Build, Walksnail Touring 122 - Digital Toothpick-like 2s 3in   22 hours ago  


rosiewilsonnsjh commented on a Build, Custom Whoop Build Guide   24 hours ago  


PhilStainobrian commented on a Build, APEX Micro 3   1 day ago  

OMG can I ask you for the STL-File for the TrieRC Antenna? Im looking fot this for ever! schribmir@bluewin.ch

VincentWhite commented on a Build, AstroRC Razor75 / Chips75 (Bat mobile)   Jul 18, 2023  

Why not use more lightweight plastic prop guard?

shashank.gopikrishna   2 days ago 

That's my next upgrade

mitchrdunn commented on a Build, HYPERLOW ANTIWHOOP   2 days ago  

Do you have an estimate on when your store will be back up and selling? Will you still produce these older models?

quad66 commented on a Build, Squirrel 35   3 days ago  

what's the kv on the motors?

derV   3 days ago 


Tokyo_Dom commented on a Build, 46.5mm Tinywhoop   8 days ago  

Nice build! Its fun (and tricky) to build these things so small. My Yokto quad isnt my favorite flyer (not as much power as i'd like) but it gets the most attention! And you are right, it is not very easy to maintain. If i break an arm, its a 30 minute ~ 1 hour job to fix haha. Ah the price of being small....

kera   3 days ago 

I also have the same impression about the flying characteristics of small quads, and I can't help but feel dissatisfied with the flying behavior compared to a regular 65mm Tiny.

But I've always wanted to try a small build, and your Yokto Quad has been a great inspiration! Thank you very much!

akjellfpv commented on a Build, AOS Cine35 O3 HD - Semi Slammed   3 days ago  

What are your betaflight settings to get the gyro and mag to work since the board is upside down and rotated to the rear?

adamusa commented on a Build, Black Mamba 3" HD (Caddx Vista)   6 days ago  

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erikaSKOOL commented on a Build, Vulture   6 days ago  

how much flightime i can get with 6s2p molicel p42a???

qubic commented on a Build, Freestyle Gecko   7 days ago  

It seems armattan tadple frame.

ArugulaFPV commented on a Build, AtomRC Swordfish   7 days ago  

What size of battery are you using? And what would you think the smallest size (wight) of a battery to still achieve correct CG would be?
Would really appreciate the info ;)

lisadsouza commented on a Build, Custom Whoop Build Guide   7 days ago  

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Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Medium Range Five-inch   8 days ago  

Great flights there, I looked at the jello you spoke about. In the first clip it's clearly happening as you descend at low throttle. In the 2nd clip it's almost completely gone, 5:12-5:18 has something that might be jello, but it might just be an artifact from encoding for youtube, so i'm not sure if it's a real indicator to evaluate. If you still see lil things like that I would say turn up your d gains a lil

truckz   7 days ago 

Thank you for your comment, Jodie. I had one of the motors go bad somehow, so had to replace them with completely different ones. I haven't had a chance to update the build yet. But, I'll keep your advice in mind. Thanks again!

Rotorenpilot commented on a Build, Neonman   7 days ago  

Hi, nice build. I second those "please DVR" requests and admire the courage to run this with a digital system. Well done, and if it works that would also speak strongly for Walksnail. The JST to USB-C solution is a bit weird from my viewpoint...why not just use a regular USB-C extension? Is there a weight advantage?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, CyberLychee   8 days ago  

The crackle paint job you did on the roof is fantastic, I genuinely thought of lechee fruit.
Overall build looks great, did you print directly onto your frame?!?!? Wiring looks clean, and I love the washers!

Rotorenpilot   7 days ago 

Yes, I really enjoy the crackle paint with layers. at this point I've really gotten some nice results with it.
That messy print does look like it was done on there..my mistake. I'm still fairly new to the 3D printing game, that's just a messed up print.

Happy to hear you like it

TazerFace commented on a Build, Babytooth 3" Toothpick   8 days ago  

That is sweet! Nice build.

airrage commented on a Build, EGCRed   20 days ago  

so, it's actually a "Mockup"

TazerFace   8 days ago 

Not anymore. Still working some of the bugs out it though. Like to fit the camera I have to remove the lens, insert it into the canopy and then screw it back in while adjusting the focus. Also, I haven't been able to get the Camera Control to work on the Speedybee F7 V3.

ShelbyYanda commented on a Build, only up   8 days ago