Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Quad....Car?!   22 hours ago  

when you set up BF, did you use a quadopter profile, to start? How DID you get it to ignore the PID loop?

airrage   7 hours ago 

If I recall correctly I turned all pids to 0 or something in that fashion. I'd have to check but I just moved places so have it packed somewhere.

DVR looks shakier than what it should. Did you ever do the ESC upgrade and did that change something?

RedFrog commented on a Build, AOS T3 3S   9 hours ago  
Dave_C FPV commented on a Build, Buzzard his friend Rekon 7"   14 hours ago  

Schöner build!

Erasmus commented on a Build, Tadpole   2 days ago  

crossy road, my child like it

It looks so beautiful, my kid will probably love to watch crossy road

scirocco commented on a Build, Apex 2 Meteor85 Conversion   22 days ago  

I have same frame with different motors :)
3S 1207/6000KV https://rotorbuilds.com/build/30315
3S 1103/6500KV https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32553

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TL69   2 days ago 

Guessing you're referring to the Mockup link? I'm going to wait for the Quadmula Djinn 25 to restock. I've seen the babymod 2.5 and it would be a good alternative to the "apex 2.5" but neither seemed to have enough room to mount a Freestyle V2 or O3. I will probably re-use a HDZero Whoop Lite but want the flexibility to mount something in the rear.

airrage   2 days ago 

Check mine out. Just published it.

TL69   2 days ago 

Nice, yeah originally I was going to do an AIO and the mod would be good if I had done that. Going with a stack, I feel I want to mount the VTX in the back. Looks good though. This is the current plan, with motors, stack, props, on the way, with a vtx and camera from an old build on standby. I'd just be waiting for the frame. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/32697

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, WIP: Carbon DJI FPV   3 days ago  

What a great project! I want you to make an aluminum and polycarbonate roll cage for the electronics! I wonder how hard it would be to convert it to run on hobby lipos, you could really change the performance characteristics. I wonder how it would respond to a motor change, I think you would end up wanting access to the pids if you changed too much. Is that possible?

Sugalime3D FPV commented on a Build, Five33 Switchback   4 days ago  

Really nice build !

Billie34 commented on a Build, Modern Atomic Fox   5 days ago  

Very creative, I love this design Friday Night Funkin

Alice12 commented on a Build, Apex 2 Meteor85 Conversion   5 days ago  

It looks quite nice

Alice12 commented on a Build, 5" ultralight midrange FPV drone   5 days ago  

With such a design, I'm sure it will fly more stable and better

bulesz commented on a Build, 5" ultralight midrange FPV drone   5 days ago  

Super bird! Have great cruises with it! :)

SeeSharp commented on a Build, Quadmula DJinn Ninja   6 days ago  

Nice! What is the weight obtained with lipo?

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   Nov 08, 2023  
choppergirl   7 days ago 

Lol don't watch that video without reading the tongue in cheek description.

Alurpal commented on a Build, TP3 - 3" 2s/3s   8 days ago  

what flight times are you getting?

nf4000   7 days ago 

I checked some of my saved videos from this drone and the longest was about 9 1/2 min with a 450mah 3s battery.

For 2s, looks like I am getting around 6 min with a 2s 450mah battery.

flexd commented on a Build, Neuron Nano   7 days ago  

This looks great! Have you published the pod anywhere? :-)

ALLkatrazz commented on a Build, Tubular 8 inch long range drone with 3D printed parts   24 days ago  

Do you glue the carbon tubes into the 3d printed parts or is it a friction fit.

moro.dynamics   8 days ago 

Hi, sorry for late reply. It should be a friction fit and then I glue the joints. Also I have some videos with the progress on instagram and tiktok at @moro.dynamics

wind_rapport commented on a Build, OddityRC xi20 Pro (BNF)   8 days ago  

It does fly unbelievably smooth. Currently my favorite 03 2" cinewhoop https://youtu.be/MvB6sW7BQY8?t=59

spectrexFPV commented on a Build, TWIG V2   9 days ago  

Hi there, do you know the weight of the frame itself? Can't seem to find it anywhere. I suspect it's somewhere between 5.8-6.2g

Jeremy Chotto   9 days ago 

i think it was around 7.