DoubleJackOnTap commented on a Build, Moongoat- TOO THE MOON!   3 days ago  

Great build! Just curious do you prefer this frame or your Glide? I wanted this frame but waited several months for it to come off backorder. Finally gave up and ordered another Glide instead. I see that they are back in stock and was wondering if they are worth it?

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DoubleJackOnTap   3 days ago 

Cool video. That looks like an amazing spot to fly. Interesting that your Glide flys loose. Are you running Betaflight? Default PIDs? Both of my Glides are very tight and locked fliers. That is what I like so much about them compared to my other 5" rigs. Thanks for the comparison between the two. The

CloslaRoche   3 days ago 

Yea I'm only on defaults thus far. Its not "loose", its very much locked in but it just feels like it has more momentum and you have to take advantage of that in your flying.

DoubleJackOnTap   1 hour ago 

Gotcha. Mine are both pretty light builds so they dont carry alot of momentum. I have a big heavy Rooster build for that.

robegian commented on a Build, Build a DJI FPV Cinewhoop - QAV-CINE Freybott Edition   7 days ago  

I have just ordered the same frame (LUMENIER QAV-CINE FREYBOTT EDITION), flight controller (HEMCU GHF411 Pro 25A BLHELI_S 3-6S AIO Whoop Flight Controller) and VTX (Caddx Vista Nebula Pro) so I find this tutorial hugely useful.

I ordered different motors though (iFlight XING2 1404 4600KV) which I'll use with the same props you mounted on your build (IFLIGHT NAZGUL CINE 2525 TRI-BLADE PROP) and since I have a TBS Tango 2, I've bought a TBS Crossfire Nano Rx.

I'm not quite sure this frame + motors + props combination is a winner but I'll let you know my impressions. By the way, what's your opinion about it at first sight?

Whiffles   3 hours ago 

That should work great! I kinda wish I had used 1404 on this because these motors do get quite hot. It's been performing wonderfully though. I've been getting some great footage.

billi commented on a Build, Build a Cinematic FPV Drone - Beta95X V2   12 hours ago  
SylvainD commented on a Build, Best 6S Cinewhoop EVER! 2204 2966kv Motors   Apr 19, 2021  

nice building !
do you sell the top and bottom plates with 16x16 holes?
i will be very interested to buy them because I don't find cinewhoop frame like this.

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Beret FPV   3 days ago 

Je viens de mettre ma fiche, il y'a maintenant un DUMP et un DIFF ALL. Dans ton cas, il faut que tu copie le DIFF ALL complet dans le CLI. (Je ne te garentie pas que ton drone marchera exactement comme le mien car nos composants sont bien différents (mais tu auras une bonne base). Pour les ESC, j'utilise des ESC sous Blheli_S alors que toi tu est sur du Blheli_32 (bien mieux). Dans ton cas il te suffit juste de mettre le Démag comp en Hight, PMW fréquency en 32khz et le rampup power à 25%.

SylvainD   2 days ago 

Merci vraiment beaucoup. tu es un chef :-).
je suis sous betaflight 4.2.9 alors que tu es sous 4.2.4 : penses-tu qu'il faut que je passe en 4.2.4?
encore merci t'imagines pas comment ton aide est précieuse :-)

Beret FPV   17 hours ago 

Oui le mieux serait quand meme de passer en 4.2.4 pour etre sur... Il y'a eu quelques évolutions entre les deux versions. Apres rine ne t'empeche de tester en 4.2.9 et de repasser en 4.2.4 si ca ne marche pas normalement

gmmelissa commented on a Build, Secret 1s setup   23 hours ago  

This is actually the kind of information I have been trying to find. Thank you for writing this information Minecraft Classic

avellas commented on a Build, Catalyst Machineworks - Massive Droner HD   9 days ago  

Nice build! How did you mount the TBS Immortal antenna?
Thank you,,

JoshFly   2 days ago 

I designed some 3D printed mounts. You can get the files at the link below.

avellas   2 days ago 

Thank you for this ! It is much appreciated

avellas   24 hours ago 

Sorry to bother you again Would you be able to send a few pictures on how you use the the 3D printed mounts that you designed? it's not very clear on how they are installed.
Thank you

JohnnyBravo commented on a Build, Rooster + DJI Caddx Vista Retrofit   4 days ago  

Thank you for this article

Can you please post a link to the (slightly different) camera mount STL you've used

jseaber   1 day ago 

Sorry, I lost the link by the time I posted. You should find many options for mini-to-micro camera adapters. Any will suffice.

feeksfpv commented on a Build, TBS SuperPODRacer   3 days ago  

how is the H7 going? tell us your experience with it
been looking to build a beast with H7 too

BaTTaN   1 day ago 

That AIO is the only reason I built a PODRacer really. In fact it was the first item I purchased. Sadly something was wrong with the first one I received and I could not spin up motors or read esc's and never got it in the air. It slowed this build down as I had to open a support ticket with I-flight however I wanted to get this build in the air so bad I just doubled down and purchased another one.

The first one was just shipped to iflight support to diagnose. I mean I have high res images of it and even inspected it under a loop looking for anything prior to opening the support ticket and shipping it off and still go back and can see nothing wrong soooo really not sure there but I've got my fingers crossed they correct the issue or send me a new one since I never so much as got to arm the first one.

Got to say its an easy AIO to work on though and like this build if you dont over do it think it will be fine but only time will tell but I'm putting packs through it daily and a blast to chase gates.

benjo commented on a Build, Reptile Dragon II   2 days ago  

Looks like a lot of fun!

jolars   1 day ago 

It is, it is! Just posted a maiden video. Only a couple flights in so far, but it flies great.

Thomas Parker commented on a Build, Boldclash B03 Pro NFE Silverware Build   2 days ago  

another awesome build! bring back brushed!

OptimaZe   2 days ago 

Definitely! I still thoroughly enjoy flying brushed builds.

Thomas Parker commented on a Build, Secret 1s setup   2 days ago  

spill your beens i tell you! can't wait to get some of them motors!

Thomas Parker commented on a Build, Generative Design 75mm   2 days ago  

its so strange! I love it!

lgustol commented on a Build, Generative Design 75mm   2 days ago  

I'm surprised it took this long for me to see something like this. Very nice.

erock_fpv commented on a Build, ArPro - Sonicmodell Ar Wing Pro   2 days ago  

I'd almost forgotten about using an OLED. Is that a camera under the wing, or a LIDAR?

Polymerization commented on a Build, Racer Mini   3 days ago  

The LEDs look so cool!

baggszilla   2 days ago 

Thanks. This is my first drone with configurable LEDs and I love it! The different colors and patterns are endless.

Jayembee67 commented on a Build, Nose Pick   2 days ago  

Man, I am with you there. I recently got this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP7K-0TrZAE/ which is all sorts of splendid fun. But putting on the FatSharks again...? Its terrible, I can't see anything, large tree branches are not clearly defined, I feel like I am mostly flying by guesswork and good luck. So yes, even for the whoops, analogue is getting to be a hard choice now... Got spoiled by digital, we did, that's for sure...

giuliobagat commented on a Build, Cinesplore with Sharkbyte   3 days ago  

Which version of the T-motor did you put on? 2850 or 3550 KV?

okeydokey   2 days ago 

I used the 2850 Kv and a 4S battery

yohfpv commented on a Build, 45g 2s gf3018   2 days ago  

So its a guessing game...looks like 1203 to me. I wonder how close a guess of 12000kv would be.

matthew saigon   2 days ago 

can't tell you. LOL
there are only a few options to choose from. LOL

it's good to keep it a secret. the company makes a new motor and they want to make some money of off it. if the business is good, they'd be willing to try again.

me and many people wanting this motor for a long time. it has nothing to do with Bob Roogi and his toothpicks.

yohfpv   2 days ago 

Yeah, no worries. Not expecting you to spill the beans. Just having fun analyzing your vid and comments. If its in prototype now I guess the rest of us will find out what it is soon enough.

yohfpv commented on a Build, Boldclash B03 Pro NFE Silverware Build   2 days ago  

Oh my word I remember what a revelation this iconic build was while I was still flying mine. I ended up converting mine into a NFE Boss 7.

OptimaZe   2 days ago 

I have a Boss 8 and a few other builds with the Boldclash FC. At one point I had eight of these B03 Pros with different camera, motor, and prop configurations. I ended up selling them all off but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of this one.

Boeseefus commented on a Build, TBS SOURCE ONE X8   11 days ago  

Sweet Build! would love to see some flight footage once you get it tuned up.

shnlls.fpv   3 days ago 

I uploaded the first real try of some freestyle with the X8!