Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Tarantula X8 3"   Apr 10, 2022  

This is a really cool project, I love the spider face you milled into the bottom plate!
I think it's very clever of you to use 1506, and mount the arms to the top (instead of the bottom) so you can take off and land without any extra hardware. Clever.
Your two esc's in the back look super clean, I know it's dirty from use, but I would REALLY love to get a look inside.
I wonder if it's even possible for a 20x20 FC to have a full 8 pads for motor outputs, but in the mean time you got a sleek look with that 30x30 anyway, so good on you.

Kichaa_FPV   1 day ago 

thank you, yes indeed a 20x20 stack would be nice, just didn't have one available to me at the time and this ended up being the best solution i had. i have however taken it apart since then as it wasn't as stable as i intended. I am currently thinking of turning it into a cinewhoop and a 3" build. the total of all those parts weren't worth it for me. if you would like i could remix a version with a 20x20

Jodie Froster   11 hours ago 

I'm sorry it didn't end up being a great flier after all that time and money. That can be a bitter pill. I look forward to the new ones you will build with these parts, they are very cool!

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, Kwadkarl PunkD reload   3 days ago  

I agree about 4.3. I know a lot of people say it flies much better than 4.2, but Not 1 single quad that I've flashed to 4.3 flies that great. Even with the presets. It feels like it's got a brick hanging from it by a rope. I also feel like I'm stuck in angle mode. 4.2 was less finicky.

daich   12 hours ago 

to be honest, I've only tried a release candidate. It flew very good so I tried it on my X8 for tuning purposes (offline sliders yay!) and that was when I found it had massive issues with the PWM outputs as they completely changed the way they addressed them from DMA to bitbang timers.
then after the 4.3 final release, Ive heard of people having some issues so I feel like I need to have a proper sit down to read through everything before trying it out....just haven't found the time yet.

Wild FPV commented on a Build, Apex Micros   4 days ago  

1404? Why'd you decide to go so small with the motors and how does it fly with the gopro?

jaysauce   2 days ago 

I wanted to test to see what are the smallest motors I could use that wouldn't struggle to fly & maneuver, is quiet, and provides a long flight time. This does it for sure.

Wild FPV   22 hours ago 

So how does it fly with the 1404s and the gopro? And what kind of flight times are you getting?

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, Tehllama 2S TinyTrainer - Budget Fun   24 hours ago  

This is nuts!!! I would love to see flight footage! I have like 12 or 13 of these motors, and have yet to put them in a build. I just got them because they are gnarly big, and priced well. I didn't think these 6000kv with 2s on a 3" prop would be a winning combo, but I guess I am wrong! Gonna do a build right now!

tehllama   22 hours ago 

This is really close to the actual pace with these. I've flown with Shaun on matching ones, and had similarly awesome battles at the same place.

Honestly, the TinyTurners are great motors and I've been finding

HyDrone_FPV commented on a Build, HYPERLITE UL3 FRAME W/ JHEMCU GHF411AIO 30A   Jul 21, 2020  

Nice build! I have a set of those motors on a 2in I just built and so far I really like them. What length screws are you using to hold the props on? The ones I have dont really work that well. As soon as I throttled up to take off for my very first flight 3 of the 4 of my Hulkies exploded so I assume I tightened them too much and cracked the hub, and then later I lost a prop because they were not tight enough.

Boeseefus   Aug 17, 2020 

im using normal m2 screws. long enough to have a little bite , but not so long that it gets to close to the windings. those motors are pretty large for 2inch. It could just be those 2 inch props cant withstand the torque. Really not sure on that.

Madcatmike3d   24 hours ago 

Did you happen to use loctite?

lgustol commented on a Build, Tarantula X8 3"   Apr 10, 2022  

How did you mount the motors facing each other? Are the arms split in two halves?

Kichaa_FPV   1 day ago 

the arms are split with a 1mm plate holding one motor and that being mounted with 2 m3 bolts in the far side and inside of the arm

AngleAcquired commented on a Build, FPVcycle Toothfairy 2 big motor 5 inch build   2 days ago  

sick build! Hella dig the nude props with the white motors, fresh as a muggg

-X3- commented on a Build, Apex Micros   7 days ago  

Those poor little motors will be toast with a gopro :-o

jaysauce   2 days ago 

So far, so good.

choppergirl commented on a Build, Quadzilla @ Quadlantis   Jan 14, 2022  
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choppergirl   Jan 26, 2022 

What do you call an FPV cinematic pilot?
a straight line l053r
What do you call an FPV racing pilot?
a right turn left turn l053r
What do youc all an FPV aerobatic pilot?
a g.d. U.F.O....
What do you call a General Aviation pilot?
a smoking hole in the ground

choppergirl   Apr 18, 2022 
choppergirl   2 days ago 

My deadcat can out growl your deadcat

pivl commented on a Build, Pavo30 Digital   4 days ago  

hello! I have the same drone but I have desync, you have set what settings on bheli?

mrechte commented on a Build, YoungRC XL8-X8 Octocopter   5 days ago  

Hello. Thanks for all these pictures. Could you please explain what you did with the ESC current sensor wire, considering the FC has only one input ?

Jayembee67   4 days ago 

So I actually didn't do anything - I don't generally use the current sensor in my builds as I am not a racer, and don't really worry about pushing my machines to the extremes. Apologies, I'm afraid that I can't help you here.

Bastico8 commented on a Build, Flywoo Firefly Nanohex MOD —— The CrossHex   19 days ago  

Hey XMFPV i am into building this crosshex version as an analog type.. [fucked up my old fc and needed the naked vista for an other projekt.. but today a new fc arived so im good to go on]
I am struggeling about the pids and the playing for the lipo looks quit dangerus on the downside .. :/ 🤔 what do you recommended?
please let me now!

XMFPV   5 days ago 

Now all your problem should be resolved. Flywoo had released new venom frame that improved my design (under my approvement). And their pnp set's tuning is superb, you can ask them for a diff.

DunkieFPV commented on a Build, CineHobbit PRO - the most efficient 2.5 inch cinewhoop   5 days ago  

Great Build! I'm currently working on a Modded Cinewhoop and was wondering regarding your Ducts...
How did you come up with the efficiency number/Percentage of 46%?
Also I get the half duct design, did you happen to make a full duct design, with efficiency readings of 98%?

daich commented on a Build, Tinywhoop X8   6 days ago  

whoa, this is awesome. I thought my schmol baby x8 was tiny. this is another level!

SQunX   6 days ago 

haha, thank you!
yea this little guy was quite a challenge

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Big Wall of Videos   May 07, 2022  
choppergirl   7 days ago 

Remington commented on a Build, Build a 5" Long Range Drone - Transformer Ultralight   7 days ago  

I always enjoy reading quality content with accurate information like this, you can check it out run 3

Earlycheese commented on a Build, Catalyst Machineworks macro merica 9” 8s   May 31, 2022  

hi dude,
something disturbs me on your build. isn´t the PDB only able to handle 160amp in total ? or is it per motor ? i'm confused.

thank you

Numbskullfpv   27 days ago 

Hey fella ,
pretty sure its per motor .. as the stick i gave it on its first few flights should have blown it if it was total lol !

Numbskullfpv   7 days ago 

turns out it was 160 amp total 落朗

megaprochotin commented on a Build, Hyperlite Floss 3.0 HD 7" Long Rang w/ GPS   7 days ago  

Hi can you make a tutorial on how to build? Im starting

can it carry a:
gopro hero 4+
gopro hero 5
gopro hero 6
gopro hero 7
gopro hero 8
gopro hero 9
goprohero 10
gopro hero 10 bones
dji action 2
osmo action?

Im asking because I want to build this and I want to put another camera

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, Titanium Shuriken?   8 days ago  

Super cool!!