Big Billy (Hyperlite Floss 7")

By sfonkter on Mar 17, 2021

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Still a work in progress, but mostly complete. Just need to figure out better mounting for GPS and Vista... right now they're juts zip tied and double sided taped to the top plate. I'll clean up the wiring when I do that.

On the HQProp 7X4X3 props:

  • Light acro with the 1100mah batteries in parallel gets me ~10 mins flight time, just cruising around probably ~15mins.
  • With the DIY 21700 4000mah pack I got ~15 mins cruising and landed with less than half the pack depleted, so I'm estimating about 30 to 35 minutes of cruising.

The 21700 pack is only slightly heavier than the two 1100mah packs with the parallel connector. It carries the weight comfortably.
Cruises at ~7 to ~8 amps, faster cruising at ~10amps. The parallel connector is really convenient because I can just use the batteries I already have for my 5".

Dry weight, AUW, and battery weights are in the photos.

Haven't gotten the chance to try the bi-blades yet. Also haven't configured GPS rescue yet.

DVR footage to come. I don't have an action cam at the moment. Trying to decide on one that best suits me.



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Wraith   Jul 08, 2022  

Hey, looking at doing a similar build but just wondering did you have to change out the standoffs to fit the vista?

sfonkter   Jul 09, 2022 

Yes I did.
Also, this frame had some bad vibration issues and was a beast and a half to tune. I ended up switching to a TBS source 7" frame. A lot heavier but also wayyyy more sturdy and better to tune. Not to mention much cheaper and much more room for components.

Vandy_fpv   Mar 20, 2021  

Hey, I have a idea for you. Although I don't know if you have a 3d printer you could design a mount to fit on top of your Hyperlite floss for the gps and possibly a "turtle mode stick"... I forget what it is called but that could be a cool way to solve that problem and if you either have or could get the same filament for the mount it would really tie the build together. It would add a lot of weight though so who knows. I really liked this build and I'm just getting into the hobby of fpv.

sfonkter   Mar 21, 2021 

That's a pretty good idea! unfortunately i don't have a 3D printer :/
Finally got the chance to take it out today and test the RTH and it works just fine. I don't think i'll worry too much about the mount for now. zip ties are good enough for now haha

tehllama   Mar 17, 2021  

Don't know zip ties and VHB, it works
Nice build

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