Twooth Pig

By fw42 on Feb 26, 2021

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TwoothPig: A 2S toothpick on Quad66's Warpig frame.

The purpose of this build is to replicate Quad66's somewhat unique style of builds because I was curious and wanted to see what they are like and how they are different from the "KababFPV style" of toothpicks (which I already have some of).

I'm using a Quad66 warpig frame, his zip-tie canopy, and motors that he recommended. The props I'm choosing because they look nice. I hope they are ok. Too bad Gemfan doesn't make any 3016 or 3018 in blue! But Quad66 also uses 3020 props for some of his builds so there's that :-)

The JHEMCU FC is pretty light for what it is. Soldering is a bit tricky because most of the pads are quite small, but at least they are on the edge of the board and easy to reach. The PandaRC VTX I chose because it comes in a 16x16 mount and fits perfectly on top of the 16x16 FC. So far so good. Seemed like a pretty clean build up until that point. The awkward placement of the buzzer, the receiver that doesn't really fit anywhere, and my butchered attempt at building the canopy kind of ruined the cleanliness of this build for me though.

I like that the camera sits so low and so far in the front rather than high on top of the stack like with other toothpick builds, but I'm very skeptical of the durability and stiffness of this zip-tie style of canopy, plus it's not even lighter than other canopies. I guess time will tell how easily it breaks and how much jello it produces.

I'm mounting the battery front to back rather than sideways (which is what I do on all my other toothpick builds) because that seems to make more sense with this frame (which is a bit stretched and longer than it's wide at the center). I'll have to test it a bit more to see if I can even tell a difference.

Using 2x1S Betafpv BT20 batteries because I already own a bunch of those, they are pretty light (about 2x12g for 450mAh), and I don't want to buy any 2S batteries.



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fw42   Sep 09, 2021  

Added a flight video (with 2512 props though).

quad66   Aug 21, 2021  

How is the build holding up long term?

fw42   Aug 21, 2021 

The frame is doing great. Lots of crashes but no cracks or anything. I'm occasionally having some trouble with rolls of death (if I do very quick snap half rolls for example), both on 2.5" and 3" props. But I would be surprised if that's the frame's fault. I suspect either bad soldering, bad ESCs, or bad dynamic idle values. Overall I really like this category though. It's very fast (doesn't feel that much slower than a TP3), very snappy, agile, feels lightweight, etc. But you know all that of course :-)

What's your favorite 2S 3" parts for a build like this?

quad66   Aug 26, 2021 

Basically what you have. I like the authority the apex motors have for their weight. Its a shame they ahve been out of stock. For props the gemfan 3018 and nazgul biblade qre my favorites. The gemfan is lore efficient while the nazgul is far more durable. I've had food results with the jehmcu 16x16 and it avaes a bunch of weight and room. I have been working on some printed canopies as well which are an alternative tonthe ziptie approach.

Jodie Froster   Feb 26, 2021  

I am 100% with you on all points, I wanted to ask you all the questions you laid out in your build bio (before I read it). PLEASE post updates about durability and jello!!
I see your point about the placement of the receiver feeling like an afterthought, but that stack below it looks SO GOOD! The AiO and vTx look so good together, I hope you find a way to showcase that. I really dig your cap placement/coating, and I don't hate the buzzer sticking out the side like that (since the whole thing is so light).
I am curious about your decision in battery mounting. If the frame is long front to back, then you have a lot of weight far from center on pitch. Why add more to that, instead of taking some away from where it is already the worst?

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fw42   Mar 24, 2021 

Another update: After a couple of light to medium crashes (some on concrete), the zip tie canopy is still holding up fine. The camera angle sometimes gets messed up in a crash but that's an easy fix. Also no jello so far.

Jodie Froster   Mar 24, 2021 

ok, i'm feeling pretty convinced now

fw42   Mar 25, 2021 

I'm running a motor output limit of 80% now. KV is too high, had some fly aways, too hard to tune. Also switched to 3018 props and now it flies really amazing (had some high throttle "wobbles" with the 3x2 props). Probably my favourite build at the moment.

feeksfpv   Mar 11, 2021  

very good looking build! even the ziptie canopy is looking great

Madcatmike3d   Mar 07, 2021  

Very Nice!!! How is the 16mm aio board holding up?? It's rated to 4s, which I would not try. But I have a few of these boards, so I kind of want to build a TP3 3s with one, and see how it holds up.. Have you heard of anyone flying one on 3" prop on 3s??

fw42   Mar 07, 2021 

No problems so far, but I've only tried it on 2S. On my TP3 I'm using a 12A board (and this one here is supposedly 13A), so I imagine it would work fine.

fw42   Mar 01, 2021  

Update: Did some tuning today and posted my PID and filter settings as a picture here. Flies really smooth and nice. No prop wash or oscillations.

Poxfpv   Feb 28, 2021  

curious about the flight time. I'm the one who tend to longer flight time

fw42   Feb 28, 2021 

Just did a couple of flights with some beaten up 2x1S 450mAh batteries and a good amount of throttle in an open space and I got around 4-5 minutes.

Poxfpv   Feb 28, 2021 

thanks r the honest experiences

fw42   Feb 28, 2021 

I have a feeling that with a lower pitch prop, the flight time will be much better (for example I get around 6-7 minutes on my Crux3 with 3018 props and the two builds are very similar otherwise). I might try the HQ T3x1.5 x2 or x3 at some point. I just really like the blue color of those T3x2 props :-)

OptimaZe   Feb 26, 2021  

I dig it! I think the buzzer placement actually looks pretty cool. Looking forward to hearing your flight report.

fw42   Feb 26, 2021 

I was pretty lucky that the two pads that I needed were right there at the right distance from each other :-D Didn't need any wires.

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