By kwadkenstine on Jun 06, 2020

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Built of bits.
I ordered new parts 3 months ago , still waiting,
I do not know what breed of plastic i have used for the canopy but i have had it for years and am finally using the last of it , it is super tough and light, Nothing special about the rest of it ,
Hopes is it will take a bit of hard surface abuse. A bando basher is its intent, however finding bandos here is hard.
Ok folks I have an issue with this one i cant figure.
I power the air unit from battery and connect up the remaining wires as one does and i get reciever ok but no battery voltage from the air unit, the bf osd works but no voltage from the air unit.
Pulled the whole thing down and tried the air unit in a diferent build and everything works AO KO, so WTF.
So i cannot trust this rig , I will try another fc



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kwadkenstine   Jun 13, 2020  

Hi . I have figured out why i was having problems with this one working with the air unit.
Its not the fc or the air unit.
The sd card went bad somehow , shorted internally , I think.
Removed the sd card , Everything works.
Installed a new sd card , Everything works.
Put the sus card in , Everything forks up.
So if i am going to fly in sketchy places ,IE over water etc I will not be puting a card in the air unit.
Please take note !!!!!!!

Waffles   Jun 13, 2020  

my dude had a skyline this whole time didn't say anything. good sh!

kwadkenstine   Jun 13, 2020 

Hi , I have 3 but i dont like to brag

GeckoDragon   Jun 06, 2020  

Nice Skyline!  Also, I love your builds. Absolutely bonkers, some of

kwadkenstine   Jun 06, 2020 

Wet roads and a Skyline , m gonna break something WOOOHOOO

IcarusIX   Jun 06, 2020  

the proportions made me think it was a 3 inch at first glance, but nah he just chonk

kwadkenstine   Jun 06, 2020 

Yes it is a little Fat , and the problem with the osd is taxing my patients , but i will slam a diferent fc in and post a clip on yt , but its 7 am here and its raining for the first time in 10 months , so no flying today

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