MashhitDK commented on a Page, funny wale script :D  -  Jan 14, 2012

Something like this I think they mean ?

on 1:Text:!wale*:#: {
  ;*** !Wale
  if (!$2) { notice $nick try !wale help . }
  ;*** !Wale help
  elseif ($strip($2) == HELP) {
    /notice $nick welcome to wale help
    /notice $nick Example: !wale <command>
    /notice $nick -
    /notice $nick wale show commands:
    /notice $nick "fail" for failwale (failwale is used %failc times)
    /notice $nick "win" for winwale (winwale is used %winc times)
    /notice $nick "love" for lovewale (lovewale is used %lovec times)
    /notice $nick "heart" for heartwale (heartwale is used %heartc times)
    /notice $nick "nrml" for normal wale (normalwale is used %normalc times)
    /notice $nick "lol" for lolwale (lolwale is used %lolc times)
    /notice $nick "cool" for coolwale (coolwale is used %coolc times)
    /notice $nick "callme" for call me wale (callme wale is used %callmec times)
    /notice $nick -
    /notice $nick other commands:
    /notice $nick "stats" shows the stats
    /notice $nick "credits"
    /notice $nick thank you for using!
  ;*** !Wale stats
  elseif ($strip($3) == STATS)  {
    /notice $nick stats:
    /notice $nick failwale is used %failc time(s)
    /notice $nick winwale is used %winc time(s)
    /notice $nick lovewale is used %lovec time(s)
    /notice $nick heartwale is used %heartc time(s)
    /notice $nick normalwale is used %normalc time(s)
    /notice $nick lolwale is used %lolc time(s)
    /notice $nick coolwale is used %coolc time(s)
    /notice $nick callme wale is used %callmec time(s)
    /notice $nick all together = %alllc times
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