Geckat commented on a Page, Demode all users  -  Feb 17, 2011

Wow, thanks for all the comments, guys! I really appreciate all the constructive advice I got, and I'm glad you're all enjoying the script so much. Please feel free to spam up my other scripts as well!

Dunno what $modespl is, but Jethro's always been a big help before so I'll give it a look sometime. I'm sure it can be incorporated.

Thanks for the comment, Litch, and glad you like the script. I was a tad surprised to see 52 notices on this script, but I suppose I should leave these comments here until some moderation can be done. Far as I can see, nothing was done about Dean.

Sunny, that image is perfect, and it's so true (at least on my goofy channel). I've half a mind to put it up on the Mibbit client we have on the site as a joke.

Pretty much all the rest of you should A) stop trolling, B) stop being so trollable, and C) gtfo my snippet.

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