Sorasyn commented on a Page, Demode all users  -  Feb 17, 2011

Jethro_ & Napa hypocritical how you say

Dean don't take ur pathetic fights to other peoples snippets. and
You do not own this site so please don't try to set out your personal grudge against people you dislike and, as napa said, bring someone's thread into your fight arena. Thanks for your cooperation.
yet you both get wrapped up in it yourselves in what has turned a simple snippet into a battle-torn page littered with vulgar comments (although funny they are lol). By far I am not supporting Dean in any case since it was his shit attitude and sheer disrespect for Hawkee users that started it. :/


Also Geckat, as i was reading your introduction to the script, I find this picture (posted by a friend here at hawkee) to be "relephant" in this case lol.

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