Vegitha commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Oct 26, 2019

hi, any update on this?

Alexandru  -  Oct 27, 2019

This is an old script.. nowadays are some scripts that can provide more better info about weather even without using an api.. for example, in mIRC Korona the weather script that i've created, doesn't use api keys so is not need to update it everytime an api is out and the script collects the info from, where some tools from Windows 10 also collect from this web.

ovelayer  -  Oct 31, 2019

your comparing a full script to a addon.. i understand the differences but to use yours would envolve using your script.. now if it was a stand alone addon would be different. also without using an api you have to deal with site's changing the layout.. and unless you plan on constantly updating your script i think it will run into problems..

Alexandru  -  Nov 04, 2019

Yes, but for 5 years the foreca web site has the same structure and even they will change the layout, is not so hard to update it.. believe me, faster the api will be out than the layout will be changed. I have many years of scripting, analyzing etc. and i see the differences. For example, in this case.. Is using the api, but the script needs to be updated, even you must use an api. I saw cases when the user make a script using api and followed the syntaxes from the web replies, but in one day the web changed their syntaxes and the script had to be updated again. So no matter, using a web layout or through an api is the same thing, the differences that the user have to create an api to use the script, but in case of layouts, the user doesn't have to do nothing. So, why to complicate the things to use an api, better to use scripts that make the users to use it more simply and with more efficiency .

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