OrFeAsGr commented on a Page, Lyrics Finder v0.6   -  May 27, 2016

v0.5 04/09/2016
-Time for some changes!
-Updated/Cleaned code. The previous version made mIRC get unresponsive for at least 19 seconds, probably because of too much lines being recieved. The script now works in 1-3 seconds!
-Only a single message containing: Number of results, 1st result and the link to all of them.
------------------------------Older Updates below----------------------------
v0.3 14/06/2016
-Added Version and Script ID for Update Checker Script (Nothing changes in the way the script works you only need this if you use Update Checker. More info on my profile threads.)
v0.2 27/05/2016
Update after a long time!
Thanks Diesel for finding the error in ON TEXT event!
Script now works fine!

dma  -  May 27, 2016

real nice work it really works with a slight delay of like 3 seconds

pz out .. dma irc.axon.pw #irc

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