Facts script

By Anon_Lewy on Aug 06, 2012

Load In Remotes (I am Aware that there are some my not be facts but its just for kicks I made it for fun) Im sure it could be coded better but it works and that's enough for me, I would still like to hear any suggestions on better coding I am still slightly new to this.

==== Made By Anon_Lewy ====

On *:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($+(!,Facts) == $strip($1)) { 
    Set %Wtf $rand(1,100)
    if (%Wtf == 1) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #1  15,1Turtles can breathe through their butts. 
    if (%Wtf == 2) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #2 15,1Charlie Chaplin once won third prize in a Charlie  Chaplin look-alike  contest. 
    if (%Wtf == 3) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #3 15,1On a plane, if the passenger in your seat on the  incoming flight had  serious gas, then you are sitting on a cushion full of disease-causing  microbes. 
    if (%Wtf == 4) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #4 15,1The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without  repeating a letter  is “uncopyrightable". 
    if (%Wtf == 5) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #5 15,1It’s against the law to pawn your dentures in Las  Vegas. 
    if (%Wtf == 6) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #6 15,1There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos. 
    if (%Wtf == 7) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #7 15,1The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in  Renaissance  Florence to shave them off. 
    if (%Wtf == 8) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #8 15,1A lightning bolt generates temperatures five times  hotter than those  found at the sun’s surface. 
    if (%Wtf == 9) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #9 15,1David Bowie has a spider named after him. 
    if (%Wtf == 10) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #10 15,1Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at  a restaurant  is considered an insult. 
    if (%Wtf == 11) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #11 15,1Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is  the longest  word in the English dictionary. It refers to a lung disease caused by inhaling  particles from volcanoes. 
    if (%Wtf == 12) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #12 15,1The lighbulb was not invented by Thomas Edison in  1879 in was  invented in England in 1806 by Humphrey Davy. 
    if (%Wtf == 13) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #13 15,1When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than  3,000 miles per  hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second. 
    if (%Wtf == 14) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #14 15,1Approximately 75% of human poop is made of water.  
    if (%Wtf == 15) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #15 15,1Your eyes are always the same size from birth but  your nose and  ears never stop growing. 
    if (%Wtf == 16) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #16 15,1The average human dream lasts 2-3 seconds. 
    if (%Wtf == 17) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #17 15,1Your brain is more active during the night than the  day. 
    if (%Wtf == 18) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #18 15,1Human thighbones are stronger than concrete. 
    if (%Wtf == 19) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #19 15,1The tooth is the only part of the human body that  can’t repair  itself.  
    if (%Wtf == 20) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #20 15,1An average human loses about 200 head hairs per  day. 
    if (%Wtf == 21) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #21 15,1Scientists say the higher your I.Q. the more you  dream. 
    if (%Wtf == 22) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #22 15,1You use 200 muscles to take one step. 
    if (%Wtf == 23) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #23 15,1Your brain operates on the same amount of power  that would light  a 10-watt light bulb. 
    if (%Wtf == 24) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #24 15,1The acid in your stomach is strong enough to  dissolve  razorblades. 
    if (%Wtf == 25) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #25 15,1The attachment of human muscles to skin is what  causes dimples. 
    if (%Wtf == 26) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #26 15,1A 13 year old child found a tooth growing out of his  foot in 1977. 
    if (%Wtf == 27) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #27 15,1Your thumb is the same length of your nose. 
    if (%Wtf == 28) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #28 15,1It only takes 7lbs of pressure to rip off your ears.  
    if (%Wtf == 29) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #29 15,1When men of the Walibri Tribe greet each other  instead of shaking  hands,they shake penises. 
    if (%Wtf == 30) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #30 15,1A baby in Florida was named   Truewilllaughinglifebuckyboomermanifestdestiny.Middle name was GEORGE JAMES. 
    if (%Wtf == 31) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #31 15,1At any given time, 25% of people are daydreaming  about love  making. 
    if (%Wtf == 32) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #32 15,1If you say “raise up lights†really fast it sounds like  “razor blades† in an Australian Accent. 
    if (%Wtf == 33) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #33 15,1According to researchers, Monday mornings are so   depressing  that on average, humans don’t crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. 
    if (%Wtf == 34) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #34 15,1The human  brain cannot create faces. Therefore  when you dream,  if you see someone you do not know, you have seen their face before. 
    if (%Wtf == 35) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #35 15,1Russian  scientists have predicted that humanity  will encounter  aliens by 2031. 
    if (%Wtf == 36) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #36 15,1The “butterflies†you get in your stomach when you  see someone  you like is actually a stress response caused by adrenaline. 
    if (%Wtf == 37) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #37 15,1When you wake up around 2-3 am without any  reason, there’s an  80 percent chance that someone is staring at you. 
    if (%Wtf == 38) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #38 15,1It took humans thirteen years to learn how to slice  bread. 
    if (%Wtf == 39) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #39 15,1Once a woman called 911 because McDonald’s ran  out of  McNuggets! 
    if (%Wtf == 40) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #40 15,1Over 1,000 birds a year die from smashing into  windows. 
    if (%Wtf == 41) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #41 15,1A single session of lovemaking uses the same  amount of energy  as 7.5 hours of standing around at a cocktail party. 
    if (%Wtf == 42) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #42 15,1There’s a blue fish on SpongeBob which can be  found in multiple  episodes with a clearly shown penis. 
    if (%Wtf == 43) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #43 15,1Calling 1 (781) 452-4077 will actually put you  through to the  Hogwarts Hotline, where you can learn more information about the school. 
    if (%Wtf == 44) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #44 15,1Every two thousand frowns creates one wrinkle. 
    if (%Wtf == 45) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #45 15,1A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 6  years. 
    if (%Wtf == 46) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #46 15,1‎12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents  daily. 
    if (%Wtf == 47) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #47 15,1The CIA used cats as spies in the 1960's. They  spent 5 years and  $20 million training them. 
    if (%Wtf == 48) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #48 15,1The 2nd person to survive going over Niagara Falls  later died from  slipping on an orange peel! 
    if (%Wtf == 49) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #49 15,1Dentists have the highest suicide rate among  professions. 
    if (%Wtf == 50) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #50 15,1The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone  squishing her  hands in jelly. 
    if (%Wtf == 51) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #51  15,1Dan Radcliffe was allergic to the Harry Potter glasses!
    if (%Wtf == 52) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #52  15,1There's a town in Italy that doesn't get sunlight for 84 days a year.  They've solved this problem with a giant mirror
    if (%Wtf == 53) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #53  15,1The worlds oldest piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old
    if (%Wtf == 54) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #54  15,1Statistically you are more likely to be killed by a champagne cork  than by a poisonous spider
    if (%Wtf == 55) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #55  15,1When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode...  Then he dies.
    if (%Wtf == 56) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #56  15,1President George W. Bush was once a cheerleader!
    if (%Wtf == 57) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #57  15,1you ear lobes are in line with your nipples.
    if (%Wtf == 58) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #58  15,1Angelina Jolie has collected knives ever since she was 12 and used  to cut herself during sex to increase the pleasure of the experience.
    if (%Wtf == 59) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #59  15,1Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer than  those who don't.
    if (%Wtf == 60) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #60  15,1If you search for 241543903 in Google images, you will find a lot of  pictures of people putting their heads in refrigerators.
    if (%Wtf == 61) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #61  15,1The average female orgasm lasts four times as long as the average  male one.(Lucky asses)
    if (%Wtf == 62) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #62  15,1Dancing, drawing, painting, singing, and masturbating can all help  combat depression.
    if (%Wtf == 63) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #63  15,1Thinking about sex will temporarily relieve the urge to pee in the case  of an emergency.
    if (%Wtf == 64) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #64  15,1As embryos, the first thing that develops is our anus. So in a way we  all start off  as assholes.
    if (%Wtf == 65) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #65  15,1Fat baby boys are more likely to have sex earlier in their lives.
    if (%Wtf == 66) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #66  15,1People who easily and frequently blush is a likely sign of them being  a great lover.
    if (%Wtf == 67) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #67  15,1England is the country with the biggest breasts in Europe.
    if (%Wtf == 68) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #68  15,1Studies show that girls who have mustaches are hornier than girls  who don't.
    if (%Wtf == 69) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #69  15,1More than 48% of women are faking their orgasms. 
    if (%Wtf == 70) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #70  15,1Studies show that surprise sex is the best kind of sex. Unless you are  in prison.
    if (%Wtf == 71) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #71  15,1A recent study found that 35% of men have been injured while  undoing a woman's bra
    if (%Wtf == 72) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #72  15,1It's a proven fact that the more you talk about someone, the more  you fall for them.
    if (%Wtf == 73) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #73 15,1If an ant were the same size as a human it would travel twice as fast as a Lamborghini.
    if (%Wtf == 74) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #74 15,1 83% of the teenagers keep an extra tab open while using computer/laptop in case their parents come.
    if (%Wtf == 75) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #75 15,1 You see yourselves 5 times more attractive in the mirror than you really are, thanks to your brain.
    if (%Wtf == 76) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #76 15,1 Diphallasparatus is a condition in which a man has two penises
    if (%Wtf == 77) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #77 15,1 80% of people in the world have low self-esteem and are more likely to put others down to make themselves feel better.
    if (%Wtf == 78) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #78 15,1 Hot water will freeze faster than cold water.
    if (%Wtf == 79) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #79 15,1 Earless bunnies have been found in China.
    if (%Wtf == 80) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #80 15,1 Black pepper can stop the bleeding and take away the soreness of a cut.
    if (%Wtf == 81) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #81 15,1 Astronauts cannot burp in space because there isn't enough gravity to separate the gasses from liquids in the stomach.
    if (%Wtf == 82) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #82 15,1 An Indian man spent 18 years trying to prove he was alive after he was declared dead!
    if (%Wtf == 83) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #83 15,1 There's a salon called "Ass Hair Salon" in China.
    if (%Wtf == 84) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #84 15,1 The average bra size today is 36C. Ten years ago it was 34B.
    if (%Wtf == 85) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #85 15,1 A study proved that staring at breasts increases heart health.
    if (%Wtf == 86) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #86 15,1 Dinosaurs were lies, fed to us to cover up the existence of Pokemon.(Just Kidding)
    if (%Wtf == 87) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #87 15,1 99% of you will read this wrong "I Got a dig bick. you that read wrong. you read that wrong too."
    if (%Wtf == 88) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #88 15,1 In the next 60 seconds, 101 people will die and 261 babies will be born.
    if (%Wtf == 89) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #89 15,1 16 years and 2 months is the average age at which a female in the U.S. loses her virginity.
    if (%Wtf == 90) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #90 15,1 10 out of 10 people fail this test! "Do Not Read This Sentence"
    if (%Wtf == 91) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #91 15,1 I've got a pet wussy. You that read wrong. You read that wrong too.
    if (%Wtf == 92) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #92 15,1 9 out of 10 men prefer large boobs. The other man prefers the 9 men.
    if (%Wtf == 93) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #93 15,1 Based on a psychological study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, you are already in love.
    if (%Wtf == 94) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #94 15,1 The clitoris is the only organ in the human body with just one purpose: PLEASURE!
    if (%Wtf == 95) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #95 15,1 Every year, 11,000 Americans injure themselves while trying out bizarre sexual positions.
    if (%Wtf == 96) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #96 15,1 Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you.
    if (%Wtf == 97) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #97 15,1 The smallest human penis ever recorded was roughly 1 cm long!
    if (%Wtf == 98) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #98 15,1  People will be more willing to do something for you if you ask them in their right ear.
    if (%Wtf == 99) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #99 15,1 80% of the time TV commercials are so long that you forget what you're watching
    if (%Wtf == 100) msg $chan 11,1WTFact #100 15,1 Boob = The perfect word. The B = An aerial view of them. The 2 o's = A front view. The b = The side view.


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dma   -  Oct 31, 2015

whats the trigger anyway?

rebel9  -  Nov 01, 2015

You can change this line:
if ($+(!,Facts) == $strip($1)) {
if (!facts == $1) {
if you cant get it to work.

dma  -  Nov 01, 2015

thanks for you help... i really appreciate it , i still cant get it to run.. wanna a pastebin it for me

rebel9  -  Nov 01, 2015

Works fine for me just the way it is.
me: !facts
bot: WTFact #35 Russian scientists have predicted that humanity will encounter aliens by 2031.

dma  -  Nov 01, 2015

works fine with your part,,,, i just learned how to script thanks a ton for your help

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dma   -  Oct 31, 2015

still works in 2015

konsumer   -  Feb 16, 2013
on *:TEXT:!Facts*:#: {
  msg $chan $read(fatcs.txt,n)

Even easier. Put all facts in a text file.

napa182  -  Mar 03, 2013

konsumer doing the snippet that way an you will have abuse. you did away with strips an protections

rebel9  -  Nov 01, 2015

napa182: anyone with a decent mirc bot is going to have aliases for anti-spam and anti-exploit. Nice chatting.

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Kaotic_Shuffler   -  Aug 21, 2012

Good Job Lewy :)

napa182   -  Aug 16, 2012

here is a fast socket using the facts you have posted. I used pastebin.com to socket to as it does not go down all that often.
anyways this is just a fast mock up of a working example nothing more..
I hope this can help you in learning sockets or get a better idea about them at the lest.
as always keep coding in msl ;x

on $*:text:/^@facts$/iS:#: {
  if (!$hget(f,f)) {
    if ($sock(fac)) sockclose fac
    sockopen fac pastebin.com 80
    sockmark fac $r(1,100) msg # 11,1WTFact $chr(35)
on *:sockopen:fac: {
  sockwrite -nt fac GET /RecUZJge HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -nt fac Host: $+($sock(fac).addr,$str($crlf,2))
on *:sockread:fac: {
  var %fac | sockread %fac
  if ($regex(%fac,/<div class="de\d">(.+)<\/div>/)) {  
    hinc -mu5 f f 1 
    if ($hget(f,f) = $gettok($sock(fac).mark,1,32)) { 
      $+($gettok($sock(fac).mark,2-,32),$hget(f,f),15,$chr(44),1) $+(",$remove($regml(1),&nbsp;,&quot;),") 
      sockclose fac


<~napa182> @facts
<~Sick0> WTFact #18 "Human thighbones are stronger than concrete. "
<~napa182> @facts
<~Sick0> WTFact #34 "The human brain cannot create faces. Therefore when you dream, if you see someone you do not know, you have seen their face before. "

Anon_Lewy   -  Aug 16, 2012

thanks for the Suggestion @napa182 .... Thanks for the a brief description on the Sockets @Jethro I appreciate the Feed back guys :)

Jethro   -  Aug 15, 2012

Even a socket has its ups and downs. One of the up parts is that it eliminates the need for saving the source on the hard drive to be referred to by mIRC...the downside is that if the website is down or the source code has been altered, it'll cease to function.

napa182   -  Aug 15, 2012

would have been better if it was a socket tbh, but to each their own I guess.....

MoshMage   -  Aug 07, 2012

Faster yet:

on *:text:!*:#:{
  if (!$2) || ($1 == !8ball) {
   var %w $right($1,-1)
    var %file $+($mircdir\text\,%w,.txt)
    if ($isfile(%file)) {
      msg $chan $read(%file)

@Hawkee there should be a 'delete post' option when i'm the post owner.
Also, editing "code" tag within an comment will add "br" tags and delete the "code" styling.

Anon_Lewy   -  Aug 07, 2012

Thank you For the Feedback I will keep that in mind for future Scripts :)

blackvenomm666   -  Aug 06, 2012

here is an example that i did a long time ago when i first started out doing my bot

on :text::#: {
tokenize 32 $strip($1-)
if ($1 == !norris) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\norris.txt
if ($1 == !Momma) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\momma.txt
if ($1 == !blonde) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\blonde.txt
if ($1 == !clowns) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\clowns.txt
if ($1 == !condoms) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\condoms.txt
if ($1 == !elevator) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\elevator.txt
if ($1 == !emo) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\emo.txt
if ($1 == !internet) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\internet.txt
if ($1 == !love) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\love.txt
if ($1 == !pc) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\pc.txt
if ($1 == !pickup) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\pickup.txt
if ($1 == !pizza) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\pizza.txt
if ($1 == !quotes) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\quotes.txt
if ($1 == !stupid) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\stupid.txt
if ($1 == !walmart) {
msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\walmart.txt
if ($1 == !redneck) {
msg # 4,1 You might be a redneck if $read $mircdir\text\redneck.txt
if ($1 == !8ball) {
if (!$2) { msg $chan you must ask a question to get an answer } halt
if ($nick == Darknessfalls) && (Angelic_Desire isin $1-) && (tit isin $1-) { .msg # Yes
else { msg # 4,1 $read $mircdir\text\8ball.txt

blackvenomm666   -  Aug 06, 2012

instead of having it all in scripts editor you could put all the facts in a txt doc then have it read from that. then you also wouldn't need to use the %wtf alias because it would auto randomize

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