Ultra Spammer & Pinger v7.0 [Just for fun]

By sagargulati on Jun 26, 2012

Just for fun. I introduce a ultra sap (Spammer & Pinger)

Go to the mIRC root folder and save the script as "ultrasap.mrc" by enclosing to "All files" in newly open notepad.

Changes :

1) Made Channel Menu
2) Halters on menu
3) Spammer's on menu
4) Customize ary's
5) Fun to play without getting against the excessive flood notice.
7) Side by side chat after chat.

;- Ultra Spammer & Pinger v7.0 [Just for fun]
;- Written by Sagar/mInDfReAkEr
;-To spam, type /uping or /uspam
;- gs.mindfreakers.net #Hawkee

on *:load:{
  echo -at 4Ultra Spammer & Pinger v7.0 [Just for fun] by Sagar/IlLuSiOn/MindFreaker loaded.
  echo -at 9Command Syntax is : /uspam <nick> <word/phrase>
  echo -at 9Command Syntax is : /uping <nick>

menu channel {
  Halt Ultra Spammer:/huspam
  Halt Ultra Pinger:/huping
  Halt Ultra Spammer (Activated from menu):/huspamo
  Halt Ultra Pinger (Activated from menu):/hupingo
  Ultra Spammer :/uspamo
  Ultra Pinger :/upingo

alias huspam { timeruspam off }

alias huping { timeruping off }

alias huspamo { timeruspamo off }

alias hupingo { timerupingo off }

alias uspamo {
  var %x $$?="Name of victim to be spammed? :"
  var %y $$?="Spam with? (Example : You are a Idiot!) :"
  { timeruspamo 0 1 msg %x %y

alias upingo {
  var %x $$?="Name of victim to be mass ping? :"
  { timerupingo 0 1 ping %x

alias uspam {
  if ($1 == $null) { echo -at Syntax : /uspam <nick> <word/phrase> }
  elseif ($2 == $null) { echo -at Syntax : /uspam <nick> <word/phrase> 
  else { echo -at Ultra Spammer activated for $1  with $2-  Level of spam : Infinite
    msg $1 You will be spammed in next 2 seconds with Ultra Spammer at an Infinite level.
    timeruspam 0 1 msg $1 $2-
  alias mping {
    if ($1 == $null) { /echo -at Syntax : /mping <nick> 
    else { echo -at Ultra Pinger activated for $1  Level of ping: Infinite
      msg $1 You will be mass pinged in next 2 seconds with Ultra Pinger at an Infinite level.
      timeruping 0 1 ping $1
} } }


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sagargulati   -  Jun 27, 2012

Thanks for your feedback guys. But i go along making this just for fun.

blackvenomm666   -  Jun 26, 2012

as i said i've pinged people off of a server within seconds from one connection. i use to do it all the time using a flooder i made. and as i said +T isn't the ONLY way to stop ctcps. you can stop them right from mIRC.

Sorasyn   -  Jun 26, 2012

Why such an elaborate script for something as simple as one infinite timer. You have an alias for things that would be better off included in some other segment of the code, yet it's been outsourced unnecessarily. You may also want to consider "silencing" all those commands because unbeknownst, they'll flood your screen as well. The point of a script such as this, after all, is to minimize your disruption and maximize theirs you know.

_Dean_   -  Jun 26, 2012

you're talking about what connection? 250 kbps? cause on a 10/15 mb/s u cant even tickle a connection
by the way its +T case sensitive, its an usermode in UnrealIRCd that allows you to not receive CTCP's

you will require a lot of connections to ping timeout someone (i really meant a lot):
1 - if the person is connected through a proxy
2 - if it is a BNC/ZNC/SHELL
3 - if it is a VPN

you will need the original IP
some routers has ping/flood protection too
if you're trying to do it by yourself, you will get lagged, and it will took a lot of time, even if its a 250 kbps connection

blackvenomm666   -  Jun 26, 2012

it depends on the persons connection on if you can ping timeout them. i've done it to a lot of users before with one connection. and you can block ctcp's without using usermode +t so anyone on any server could have this blocked.

_Dean_   -  Jun 26, 2012

i think the ping thing wont work...
1- you have to send a lot of packets to someone, so this person may ping timeout
2 - Ddos'ing someone its not like that, it wont ping timeout no one, since server will only answer you the time between your connection and server connection

//ping $server

doesnt matter what nickname or name you put in /ping it will always returns your connection delay

by the way a /ctcp ping may be blocked by users in UnrealIRCd using the usermode +T

you have to use a lot of connections to ping timeout someone

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