_Dean_ commented on a Page, Ultra Spammer & Pinger v7.0 [Just for fun]  -  Jun 26, 2012

you're talking about what connection? 250 kbps? cause on a 10/15 mb/s u cant even tickle a connection
by the way its +T case sensitive, its an usermode in UnrealIRCd that allows you to not receive CTCP's

you will require a lot of connections to ping timeout someone (i really meant a lot):
1 - if the person is connected through a proxy
2 - if it is a BNC/ZNC/SHELL
3 - if it is a VPN

you will need the original IP
some routers has ping/flood protection too
if you're trying to do it by yourself, you will get lagged, and it will took a lot of time, even if its a 250 kbps connection

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