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By itsmefahad on Mar 01, 2011

  1. You Can Simply Copy The Code & Paste In Your Script Remote File.
  2. This Code Provide You Another Window For Logs
alias log.viewer {
  if (!$window(@logviewer)) {
    /window -CkSzl18  @LogViewer
    var %trash " $+ $findfile($logdir,*.log,@LogViewer,aline -l @LogViewer $gettok($nopath($1-),1,46)) $+ "
  else { echo -a LogViewer is currently running }
menu @LogViewer {
  dclick {
    clear @LogViewer
    .loadbuf  @LogViewer " $+  $findfile($logdir,* $+ $sline(@LogViewer,1) $+ *,1) $+ " 0
  stats {
    echo -a 12[!] 4there are currently 12 $+ $findfile($logdir,*.log,0) 4log files
menu menubar,channel {
  Log Viewer:/log.viewer


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Person   -  May 20, 2011

I like it :)
But,it doesnt show ALL the convos i had ,i.e PM with someone, it starts off in the middle of a convo rather than showing the pm convo from the start && in some of the room/pm logs, they dont show anything but the date of the convo :s
Wouldve been better if they showed the whole convo && all.

Jethro   -  Mar 02, 2011

Professor jaytea is right on the money. He's more experienced in his say based upon many years of his involvement in MSL. I still have lots to learn from him if he doesn't mind to look over me when I make a mistake or misjudgment. I'm sure this will be very helpful to me to learn from mistakes and improve my know-how in MSL in the long run.

jaytea   -  Mar 01, 2011

indeed Scakk, /filter is much more general than /loadbuf and involves an extra layer of buffering that the latter does not. if you can use /loadbuf, then it should be preferred. there is, however, a new /logview command that is even more specific than /loadbuf - too specific, in fact, to be used here.

Scakk   -  Mar 01, 2011

Jethro_ .. I edited a version of this for myself and kept loadbuf , using -rip, as it allows one to indent the next line if it was wrapped using the -p which , unless I missed it, filter does not have.

Jethro   -  Mar 01, 2011

You can also use /filter -fw in place of loadbuf

Scakk   -  Mar 01, 2011

Found the issue.

If you change the var %trash line to the below it will find the right log files when you double click them.

var %trash " $+ $findfile($logdir,*.log,@LogViewer,aline -l @LogViewer $nopath($1-)) $+ "

Also you can remove 'clear @LogViewer" and change the loadbuf to have the -r switch which does the same thing.

Scakk   -  Mar 01, 2011

There is an issue if you are in the same channel name on multiple networks. It will list it multiple times in the list on the right but when you click to view them they all show the same thing.

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