Time Window

By Ghost-writer on Nov 21, 2009

This is the time window! You right click the background and type display time or you can type /timedisplay and look at the window, What it does is make a window with the time popping up :) if you want you can change how it displays the time were it says ";Changeable".

alias timedisplay {
  .timer.Time.Update 0 60 timedisplay
  window -dp @time 65 50 650 450
  .timer.Time.Display -h 500 50 Drawit
menu @time,C* {
  Time Control
  .Stop Time Display: .timer.Time.* off
  .Refresh Page: { 
    window -c @time
    window -dp @time 65 50 650 450
  .Start Time Display: timedisplay
alias drawit drawtext -o @time $gettok(4|12|11|4|9|8|7|15,$rand(1,8),124) $rand(1,650) $rand(1,450) $time(h:nn:ss)
;thats it :>
on *:close:@time: .timer.time.* off 


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SnoooP   -  Nov 22, 2009

lol, I actually like this to be honest, i'm trying to think of a word to describe it?

Quirky? lol..

5/10 because it works, the main drawback is how quickly the time displays, because the time constantly appears I think there should be a 10 second interval atleast between each time the time appears)

Ghost-writer   -  Nov 22, 2009

oh :< your resolution must suck :D

^Neptune   -  Nov 21, 2009

Hey look there's one of these on the bottom right corner of my monitor :0

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