Amsg Over Servers

By DeShOnAr2 on Nov 01, 2009

This is a basic amsg script that goes in each channel and each server. It shows the channel server and nick.

;;; DeShOnAr;;;

on *:text:!Amsg *:#:{ scon -at1 aMsg $Chan(%x) { $+ $server $+ }( $+ $chan $+ )< $+ $nick $+ > $2- }


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DeShOnAr2   -  Jun 22, 2012

The script was actually meant for a bot. Just so you know

TriNetLabs   -  Nov 03, 2009


 alias gamsg { scon -a amsg (Global AMSG): $1- } 

/gamsg amsg scripts are fail.

Same idea for channel usage tbfh.

 on *:text:!amsg*:#: { scon -a amsg ( $+ $nick $+ )(AMSG): $1- } 

Don't question my style of scripting :(

TravisT   -  Nov 03, 2009

scid or scon is the same. Scid depends on the actual connection id, while scon refers to the Nth connection.

Oh I thought this was an ame snippet.

Desh, to message one channel use.

/msg # Message

Cheiron   -  Nov 03, 2009

cross server stuff is usually .scon -at1 /msg # blah

TravisT   -  Nov 03, 2009

describe # Message

this will send action text to the channel.

As for the snippet, can't you do the same with:

/scid -a ame Message

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