AUTHED !say script

By nikooo777 on Jun 13, 2009

hello, this script is made only for the lulz :)

the commands are:

remember to set the owner nick or the script wont works!!!

only you can auth and remove auths!

on *:EXIT:hsave -o msay msay.hsh 
on *:DISCONNECT:hsave -o msay msay.hsh 
on me:*:PART:hsave -o msay msay.hsh 
on *:START:msaylist 
on *:CONNECT:msaylist 
alias -l msaylist  { 
  if (!$hget(msay)) { .hmake msay 100 } 
  if ($isfile(msay.hsh)) { .hload msay msay.hsh } 
on *:text:*:#: {
  if ($nick == PUTYOURNICKHERE) {
    if ($1 == !addsay) {
      hadd -m msay $address($2,5) | notice $nick $2 is added to my sayteam list! | notice $2 you can now use "!say" script!!!
    if ($1 == !remsay) {
      hdel msay $address($2,5) | notice $nick $2 has been removed from my say list successfully! | notice $2 you are no longer able to use "!Say" script!
    if ($1 == !say) {
      msg # $iif($hfind(msay,$address($nick,5)), 53 $2- ) 


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nikooo777   -  Mar 13, 2011

back in the old times when i wrote this script it was fun in my channel. it was something like a sort of special power for selected users to be able to use the !say function :D

Blubble   -  Jun 18, 2009

@Nikooo777: Whos talking about professional, and also, I don't see whats some fun about this script.

PATX   -  Jun 14, 2009

could use

on *:text:~say*:?: { msg $2 $+(%,$3-, }

then the trigger would be ~say


~say patx is awesome. %patx is awesome note the % is good so ppl cant do like /cs op crap. sort of a protection. also if u want to verify just use userlevels. eg "on 10:text:.....".
nikooo777   -  Jun 14, 2009

... mate this is a fun script not a professional script... open your eyes

Blubble   -  Jun 14, 2009

It was not really that I commented napa. I commented the failness of the idea of the script. But the other part (with the hash table) also fails... or did :).

nikooo777   -  Jun 13, 2009

oh yeah! aww i forgot it Oo damn... gonna add it right now! thx mates

E: done hope it is right...

napa182   -  Jun 13, 2009

@Blubble instead of saying fail, why dont you tell him what he can do to fix it.

it seems kinda pointless to just comment fail maybe they forgot to include the hsave , hload , an hmake. you never know.

Blubble   -  Jun 13, 2009


Jethro   -  Jun 13, 2009

You didn't include the /hsave to save the hash table.
All the hash table info that's been added will be wiped out clean once the mirc is closed.

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