Mass kickban alias for NoNameScript only.

By DJA14 on Aug 29, 2008

Well, what can I say, I got bored.
Make sure the channel is the active screen and remember to put it in your aliases.
Uses NNS theme engine for echos, NNS only.
Usage: /mkb [reason]

mkb { if (!$chan) thmecho Error: You are not on a channel. | elseif ($me !isop $chan) thmecho Error: You are not a channel operator on $thmhl($chan) $+ . | elseif ($nick(#,0) == 1) thmecho Error: You are the only user on $thmhl($chan) $+ . | else { thmecho Attempting to masskick $thmhl($calc($nick(#,0) -1)) users from $thmhl($chan) $+ . | var %x = $nick(#,0) | while (%x) { if ($nick(#,%x) != $me) { mode $chan +b $address($nick(#,%x),2) | kick $chan $nick(#,%x) Mass kick: $iif($1-,$1-,Reason not specified.) } | dec %x } } }


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DJA14   -  Aug 30, 2008

Thanks mountaindew, was for a feature I removed at the end, forgot to remove that bit.

guest598594   -  Aug 29, 2008
var %x = $nick(#,0),%y

You var %y and never use it.

Btw, you can use /ban -k to combine the kick and ban lines together.

EL   -  Aug 29, 2008

ROfl yeah im all like WTF FTW here;p

Scakk   -  Aug 29, 2008

Either way it is rather inane to post a snippet that requires another entire "theme engine" just to be able to use it. How about actually posting ones we can use without having to modify it to use or without having to get the NNS.

DJA14   -  Aug 29, 2008

Theme engine...

napa182   -  Aug 29, 2008

ugh NNS blows chunks

Cheiron   -  Aug 29, 2008

kinda makes you wonder don't it.. how many people though use a specialised script like NNS or BorgIRC or Kickchat$cript etc..

Scakk   -  Aug 29, 2008

Is there a reason why this one , as well as your others , all have to be used with the NoNameScript? Why not make them usable with out that script?

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