good !kb (kick ban)

By FRISH on Aug 05, 2007

I was searching for one of these and could find what i was looking for so made it myself =/.

To use just place this into your remotes section (alt+R)
What it does is you type !kb
it will then kick that person and ban them :O
*But you only need to type part of their name

(it recognizes the name in any case its in now)

so if FrIsH is in the channel these will all kick ban him:
!kb FRI your kicked now kthnxbai
!kb fri your kicked now kthnxbai
!kb FrI your kicked now kthnxbai
!kb fRi your kicked now kthnxbai

obviously you have to be a higher rank than the person your kick banning (if you are lower rank but are % or higher it will ban them)

***Also note that if FRISH and ISANAME are both in a channel and you kick ban them doing:
!kb is cya ;p
then the person with "is" in their name nearest the bottom of the list will be kick banned

Case insensitive
Now works for all names with [, ] and backslash in
Deleted a variable that wasnt needed
Made code work on colour codes]

note: that you have to combine on input codes, you cant have 2 "on :INPUT::{" in the same script ;)

***If the ban doesnt work for all people you can remove the ";" from:

        ;mode # +bb $nick(#,%n) $address(%kbnix,3)


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FRISH   -  Sep 03, 2007

True but then you need to set more coding and rules like you dont want an op !kbing an admin, so thats why i use on input ;P also i prefer using myself as a bot with all commands available for me ;)

of course ya can change it to on text if ya want :)

minor update: works with colour/bold etc in text

Ghost-lit Warder   -  Sep 01, 2007

This would work great as an alias. Practically the same as typing !kb as an input. I must agree with mountaindew, making this an on text event would be helpful to other ops. Nice work.

guest598594   -  Sep 01, 2007

i think you should also make an on text, so other ops can use it too :P

FRISH   -  Aug 22, 2007

ty ;)

guest598594   -  Aug 22, 2007

good idea

Zachery   -  Aug 05, 2007

np :)

FRISH   -  Aug 05, 2007

k thnx for the tip ;), i also changed the banaddress number to 2 since when i did 3 on someone it didnt work

Zachery   -  Aug 05, 2007

for the

kick # %kbnix $3-
mode # +b $address(%kbnix,3)

you could use: ban -k # %kbnix 3 $3-


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