Apr 21, 2007

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FRISH commented on a Page, WAT!  -  Oct 30, 2007

Nice work, i see you used my code as a template :), but you\'re missing 2 }\'s at the end, and some unneeded code is there. It\'ll work the same and better if you change it too:

on *:INPUT:#: { 
  if ($1 == !WAT) {
    msg # Scanning # for some1 to insult...
    .timer 1 1 msg # 4\\......................../......./\\-----------------------
    .timer 1 2 msg # 4.\\....................../......./..\\...........!..........
    .timer 1 4 msg # 4..\\..................../......./....\\..........!..........
    .timer 1 5 msg # 4...\\......../\\......../......./......\\.........!..........
    .timer 1 7 msg # 4....\\....../..\\....../......./------\\........!..........
    .timer 1 9 msg # 4.....\\..../....\\..../......./..........\\.......!..........
    .timer 1 11 msg # 4.....\\../......\\../......./............\\......!..........
    .timer 1 14 msg # 4......\\/........\\/......./..............\\.....!..........
    .timer 1 15 msg # 9 Dude You Just Got 
    .timer 1 16 msg # 4,1 PWN3D

Also if ya wanted you can make the timers a bit shorted or just use msg if ya want ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, AFK Script  -  Oct 28, 2007

Hi SWNight and yuri ^_^. Anyway couple of pointers:
1) you dont need all of the /\'s in the alias part.
2) If you want to make the notice and msg silent (so you dont see it) use .notice and .msg ;)
3) Use \"unset %afk\" under the /back alias
4) Once you done 3) you can change

if ($me == <AFKNick>) {


  if (%afk) {

(this means if there is a variable %afk then it will do the code)

Another couple of things ya can do is:
use set -ne %afk so that it unsets the variable when you close mirc if you dont go back to you\'r normal name.

Also i would use \"tnick \" instead of \"nick \" so that if you quit mirc with your afk nick, you wont come back on with your afk nick, just a thought :).

Hope this helps ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, Sword  -  Oct 26, 2007

ye but you need 1 more at the end, for every { you need a }

FRISH created a Page  -  Oct 24, 2007

This is a script that searches what you enter in a slang dictionary site (so dont use if your easily offended) and returns the top few results (some of the results have just gotta crack ya up)

FRISH created a Page  -  Oct 23, 2007

This is a love script that searches a site for the % of love 2 names are in with each other and a little description.

FRISH commented on a Page, .ei,.topic etc.  -  Oct 15, 2007

ye i prefer on input for 1 thin one less character to type, lazyness is great init ;p

FRISH commented on a Page, !poll / !vote script  -  Oct 14, 2007

ty, and why make it a dialog? Theres no need is there? =/

FRISH commented on a Page, !poll / !vote script  -  Oct 12, 2007

Ok just updated the code for ya ;)
usage: !pollhalt (must be op)

FRISH commented on a Page, !poll / !vote script  -  Oct 11, 2007

if ya stop the poll then ya must type:

//unset %voteoptions | unset %nforoptions | unset %votenicks | unset %pollison | unset %pollchannel

then it will work again ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, Mass modes  -  Oct 11, 2007

doesnt work if there are more people in the channel than the $modespl limit ;), good though

FRISH created a Page  -  Oct 08, 2007

This is a poll script where you can set a poll as anything and vote for anything. To use just put in the remotes section (Alt+R) of your bot.

FRISH commented on a Page, Modlist  -  Oct 06, 2007

No, because my way will be less abusive ;).

  • someone sets mode: +b-b FRISH
  • FRISH sets mode: +b FRISH
    coz it will replace +b-b too -b+b and we dont want that

thanks for your input ;)

FRISH created a Page  -  Oct 05, 2007

This is a modlist that owners (must be ~) of a channel can add and/or delete mods to the modlist. If that name in the modlist is registered by the person that joins your channel they will be give the level they are given in the modlist.

FRISH commented on a Page, Good mass mode  -  Sep 14, 2007

now works no matter how many people are in the channel and if you use colour/bold/underline codes ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, Fagscan  -  Sep 14, 2007

ok kewl kewl, ive updated the main code to this since its not useful if i could only use it b4 xP

FRISH commented on a Page, Fagscan  -  Sep 13, 2007

ok right ive made a 2nd code for those who cant work the fagscan, im presuming this works but tell us if it does or not plz ;)

menu nicklist {
    var %nsnicks $snick(#,0)
    var %snicknum = 1, %high, %med, %low
    msg # Scanning # for fags...
    .timer 1 1 msg # 4|
    .timer 1 2 msg # 4|||||
    .timer 1 4 msg # 4|||||||||
    .timer 1 5 msg # 4||||||||||8||
    .timer 1 7 msg # 4||||||||||8||||||
    .timer 1 9 msg # 4||||||||||8||||||||||9|
    .timer 1 11 msg # 4||||||||||8||||||||||9||||
    .timer 1 14 msg # 4||||||||||8||||||||||9|||||||||||||
    .timer 1 15 msg # 13Scan completed.
    .timer 1 16 msg # 12 $+ %nsnicks fags detected:
    while (%nsnicks) {
      var %random $r(1,3)

      if (%random == 1) { 
        if (%high) { var %commer $chr(44) }
        var %high %high $+ %commer $($ $+ %snicknum,2)

      elseif (%random == 2) { 
        if (%med) { var %commer $chr(44) }
        var %med %med $+ %commer $($ $+ %snicknum,2) 

      elseif (%random == 3) { 
        if (%low) { var %commer $chr(44) }
        var %low %low $+ %commer $($ $+ %snicknum,2) 
      if (!%high || !%med || !%low) { var %commer }
      inc %snicknum
      dec %nsnicks
    if (%high) {
      .timer 1 16 msg # 4High risk- %high
    if (%med) {
      .timer 1 16 msg # 7Medium risk- %med
    if (%low) {
      .timer 1 16 msg # 8Low risk- %low
FRISH commented on a Page, Fagscan  -  Sep 13, 2007

ye i can only think of 2 resons why it would do this:
1) try putting it in a new script file (file,new) and try if it works
2) theres another script unsetting the variabless %high %med and %low, probably isnt though

but anyway mine works ;p, if i can ill see if i can sort it out but might not =/

is there anyone else who has got it to work?

FRISH commented on a Page, /me Auto-colors  -  Sep 12, 2007

or ya can put the code in aliases and that works

FRISH commented on a Page, Rainbow text colourer  -  Sep 10, 2007

@DarkRaviel ye i get that to when i realize ive messed something up wit other scripts in my remotes, my advice is to probably put this in a new script file \"alt+r, file, new\" and all should work fine ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, Fagscan  -  Sep 09, 2007

yep =/ im presuming ur not then

FRISH commented on a Page, Quick modes! (Updated)  -  Sep 06, 2007

Indeed i could, but there would be no point xD since %qaohvopnix is always on the channel even if $2 is null ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, Quick modes! (Updated)  -  Sep 06, 2007

well ye but atm ya wudnt include the full name mostly (which is why i left the $2\'s out) and also i need to do a loop to check the placement of the k, check if its + or -, so i thought instead of wasting resorces on something ya jsut double click and enter a key ill prob leave it out. =/

FRISH commented on a Page, Quick modes! (Updated)  -  Sep 06, 2007

;P i decided to actually do it xD and not be lazy :O,

anyway i know its not perfect (wont work with characters: [, ] or backslash
and it goes through the %qaohvopnix part even with channel modes
and mode +k dont work unless a name is the key
but ill try fix a couple of these if i can and have time

FRISH commented on a Page, Quick modes! (Updated)  -  Sep 06, 2007

xD np, ill try update my code sometime with regex so ya dont need to type in the whole name ;)

FRISH commented on a Page, Fagscan  -  Sep 05, 2007

hmmm well i dont know whats wrong when you try it on yours, but my code\'s better when it works coz on yours if you highlight more than 1 nick it repeats their name ^^

it should work anyway coz in the code its just doing:

FRISH created a Page  -  Sep 04, 2007
1 676 

Ye i got bored so made a fag scan xD. Put this into your remotes (Alt+R)

FRISH commented on a Page, good !kb (kick ban)  -  Sep 03, 2007

True but then you need to set more coding and rules like you dont want an op !kbing an admin, so thats why i use on input ;P also i prefer using myself as a bot with all commands available for me ;)

of course ya can change it to on text if ya want :)

minor update: works with colour/bold etc in text

FRISH commented on a Page, first script  -  Sep 03, 2007

he ment the code will only work if theres a second work

on *:TEXT:!sniper*:#: {
  if $2 {
  <rest of code>

it can still work like if ya do \"!sniper an_apple_tree\" even if their not in the channel.
It just wont spam the channel when ya do \"!sniper\"

FRISH commented on a Page, Simple Inputs  -  Sep 01, 2007

lol i have a space like that in my snippets so i can tell where to add my next on input code ;P, maybe his is for same reason meh =/

FRISH commented on a Page, InPuT :)  -  Aug 30, 2007

In that, you left out equal signs, there must be two i think..
= does the same job as == so it works, although i prefer to use == ;)

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