Power snippet

By X1qu10n3r on Apr 27, 2007

The result of boredom. Just place it in your remotes section and type /power at any time and you'll recieve how many people you "own" if yo u are op on that channel.

alias power {
  var %a 1,%b 1,%c 0,%d 0,%e 0
  while (%a <= $scon(0)) {
    scon %a
    var %e $calc(%e + $chan(0))
    while (%b <= $chan(0)) {
      if ($me isop $chan(%b)) { var %c $calc(%c + $nick($chan(%b),0)) | inc %d | inc %b }
      inc %b
    var %b 0
    inc %a
  echo -a I am op in %d $+ / %e channels on $scon(0) Networks. I currently pwn %c people.


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crazyguy   -  May 04, 2007

Haha, this gave me a good laugh. You think good when your bored lol.

xutim-   -  Apr 29, 2007

Goob job ,but you could just have doe msg $active.

X1qu10n3r   -  Apr 28, 2007

Pwn is a typo from own, but I game a lot, and I tend to say pwn a lot, so yes. It\'s supposed to be \'pwn.\'

|MELIORITE|   -  Apr 28, 2007

Just wondering if you actually \"pwn %c people\" or if you want it to say \"own %c people\"?

X1qu10n3r   -  Apr 28, 2007

Thanks. I never cared to look for snippets of this sort.

Lindrian   -  Apr 28, 2007

Well, not a bad snippet, does the work just like all the other snippets of this sort.
10 points, lol?

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