Infect Game[UPDATED](Again)

By Jake on May 28, 2006

Place this code into your remotes section and watch it go. All someone has to say is !infect, and it starts up. It chooses a random person in the channel and "infects" them. It will then kick them.[UPDATE] Now the script allows the person a change for a cure, giving them a chance to get out of being kicked.
if (%cure == 2) {
elseif (%cure == 2) {
if (%cure != $rand(1,5)) {
elseif (%cure == $rand(1,5)) {
and changed "Whew your lucky %victim $+ , a cure was found"
"$me has found a cure and decided to donate it to you"

on 1:TEXT:*!infect*:#: {
  if ($me isop $chan) {
    set %victim $nick($chan,$rand(1,$nick($chan,0)))
    set %cure $rand(1,5)
    timer 1 1 msg $chan The infection has begun!!
    timer 1 2 msg $chan %victim has been 7INFECTED!! 
    timer 1 4 msg $chan Loading Infectscript.ini
    timer 1 6 msg $chan Infectscript LOADED!!
    timer 1 8 msg $chan Running Infectscript.ini
    if (%cure != $rand(1,5)) {
      timer 1 10 msg $chan Countdown begin!!
      timer 1 12 msg $chan 5
      timer 1 13 msg $chan 4
      timer 1 14 msg $chan 3
      timer 1 15 msg $chan 2
      timer 1 16 msg $chan 1
      timer 1 17 msg $chan 0!!
      timer 1 18 kick $chan %victim DEAD!
      unset %victim
    elseif (%cure == $rand(1,5)) {
      timer 1 9 msg $chan $me has found a cure and decided to donate it
      unset %victim
      unset %cure 


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Metallboy100   -  Aug 21, 2007

stop telling him its dumb... he worked for it, good job jake.

Jake   -  Jun 04, 2006

Updated it a bit

CaRe_Taker   -  Jun 01, 2006

i agree with kutsum on this one

KuTsuM   -  May 31, 2006


A. Why did Nikola Tesla improve electricity from DC to AC?
B. Who said Thomas Edison use the work of Micheal Faraday for each and one of his inventions?

You theories are just plain selfish and posessive. He gave credit to the script owner, and as stated in\'s rules, is all that is needed. You are just proving yourself a hypocrite for saying this, considering you\'ve made many scripts that have used methods and formats as old as mIRC, pretty much. Really, what your saying is if someone made this script:
on :JOIN:#: { msg $chan Hi $nick }
and someone remade it to
:JOIN:#: { msg $chan Hello $nick }
Honestly, should person B have to ask person A for permission to use the same format? The mimic script is older then i\'ve even known mIRC existed. So why don\'t we just trace back to the person who had the idea and ask them?

sean   -  May 30, 2006

lol Raichu, if no1 ever remade or improved apon other peoples work, no1 would learn anything! Also, why would i need his \"permission\" to remake his snippet? Things get remade all the time, just like KuTsuM so brilliantly put.

tye   -  May 30, 2006

Why is this even being discussed here?

Raichu, if you have a complaint about a ripped script send a message to Hawkee.

Raichu   -  May 30, 2006


A: Why would u want to remake scripts that work?
B: Who said he can just REMAKE the other without permission?

That is cheap.

KuTsuM   -  May 29, 2006

Riachu.. people \"rip\" ideas all the time. It\'s called making improvements. If this didn\'t happen, we wouldn\'t be talking because the internet wouldn\'t exist.

Raichu   -  May 29, 2006

sean ripped: ripped from

And I am talking ripping idea\'s. Its lame when u do it on purpose to REMAKE a script that isnt his. And Yes, He just said he would remake it. However there wasnt a confirmation that he was allowed.

Jake   -  May 28, 2006

I updated it.

Jake   -  May 28, 2006

Yeah I know it\'s dumb, I was just really bored. and ripping without permission?

Raichu   -  May 28, 2006

so is your lame ripping without permission.

sean   -  May 28, 2006

this is dumb-

Raichu   -  May 28, 2006

at the end u have 1 more bracked which isnt needed :)

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