KuTsuM commented on a Page, Infect Game[UPDATED](Again)  -  May 31, 2006


A. Why did Nikola Tesla improve electricity from DC to AC?
B. Who said Thomas Edison use the work of Micheal Faraday for each and one of his inventions?

You theories are just plain selfish and posessive. He gave credit to the script owner, and as stated in Hawkee.com\'s rules, is all that is needed. You are just proving yourself a hypocrite for saying this, considering you\'ve made many scripts that have used methods and formats as old as mIRC, pretty much. Really, what your saying is if someone made this script:
on :JOIN:#: { msg $chan Hi $nick }
and someone remade it to
:JOIN:#: { msg $chan Hello $nick }
Honestly, should person B have to ask person A for permission to use the same format? The mimic script is older then i\'ve even known mIRC existed. So why don\'t we just trace back to the person who had the idea and ask them?

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