Help with Python plugin for a bot.

By Protheus on Dec 14, 2016

Ok, so i'm slowly learning Python, and i'm trying to create a plugin for a bot that prints "Baby don't hurt me." in a channel whenever anyone types "What is love?". The thing is, i want it to ignore case and punctuation, so if a user types just "what is love" i'd like it to trigger the bot's response also. I have no. fucking. clue how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

from cloudbot import hook

@hook.regex(r"^What is love?(!|\?|\.)?$")
def what_hook(match):
    return "Baby don't hurt me."


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gooshie   -  Feb 07, 2017
#!/usr/bin/env python

import re

message = "WhaT iS lOvE"

pattern = re.compile(r"What is love(!|\?|\.)?$",re.IGNORECASE)
print re.match(pattern,message) 
# re.match does not require ^

pattern = re.compile(r"^What is love(!|\?|\.)?$",re.IGNORECASE)
ClaudeDiaz   -  Feb 01, 2017

Hahah, nice idea! I never tried to do something similar. I love your ambitious mood in learning Python. I cannot help you with that. But I have found the whole post for you on how to avoid punctuation. Read the article "How to remove all the punctuation in a string? (Python)" type in google. You know, you got me interested in the issue. If I happen to find out it faster than you and research the matter, I will gladly write my research paper for you what I've discovered, since I am a newbie in Python as well.

Vegito   -  Dec 15, 2016

I haven't tried CloudBot myself, what do you so far have working?

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