Nick Blacklist Script

By Defero on Sep 07, 2013

This script is usefull if you want to Global ban a nick on all channels your bot is on
Just load the script into your bots remotes and the bot will ban the user on all channels the User and the Bot is on.
Just replace the Channel name #Defero with your channel name!
Report any bugs on the IRC: Port: 6667 Channel: #Defero

Have fun!

on 100:TEXT:+bl nick*:#:{
  if ($3 == help) {
    notice $nick The nick blacklist (Global ban) commands are:
    notice $nick +bl nick add - adds a nick to the blacklist
    notice $nick +bl nick remove - removes a nick from the blacklist
    notice $nick +bl nick list - lists all blacklisted nicks
  elseif ($3 == add) {
    inc %nblack
    var %i 1
    while $comchan($me,%i) {
      if ($me isop $v1)  && ($4 ison $v2) { ban -k $v2 $v1 2 You were Global banned by #Defero staff! Global Ban number: %nblack }
      inc %i
    set %nblacklist $addtok($4,%nblacklist,32)
    .notice $nick The user $4 was added to the blacklist!
  elseif ($3 == remove) {
    if $istok(%nblacklist,$4,32) {
      set %nblacklist $remtok(%nblacklist,$4,1,32)
      notice $nick The nick $4 was removed from the blacklist!
  elseif ($3 == list) {
    if (%nblacklist != $null) {
      notice $nick Those nicks are on the blacklist: %nblacklist
      else { 
        notice $nick There are currently no nicks blacklisted.

on *:join:#:{
  if $istok(%nblacklist,$nick,32) {
    var %i 1
    while $comchan($me,%i) {
      if ($me isop $v1) ban -k $v2 $nick 2 You are Global banned by #Defero staff!
      inc %i


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baloe12nl   -  Feb 12, 2014

Can the nick login with a diferend nickname?
Is't it bhetter to youse the mask of the nick?

Warriorii   -  Sep 16, 2013

I tried it but i couldn't get it to work, maybe it was something i done wrong. could't even get the help command to work.

Defero  -  Sep 16, 2013

On your Bot's irc type: /guser 100 YourNickname or /auser 100 YourNickname then it works :P

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