Feb 03, 2017

Activity Stream

fppe commented on a Page, mIRC Radio Bot v3.0  -  Feb 03, 2017

Hi guys, need some serious help, and cookies will be given to those who help :P

So I've copied that script in my remote.ini, I've set my variables:

I've used the IP of the stream url, and the port,
I'm not sure what to use as radio.server tho?
I've set admin, and pwd

I've reloaded the script, ran the initialization commands, etc
when I save my config from the dialog box, it says successfully connected to server.

However, none of the commands work! :((
I try from a different mirc obviously, using !dj !song !url !tune etc but not getting any response..


(if you feel adventurous, the bot is running on my server irc.atrum.org and in the room #uncutmedia )

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