Jul 08, 2010
Orlando, FL
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laid back dude living in florida... pittsburgh penguins / steelers fan / pirates bandwagoner. i sell vacations but never take one!

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ivan667 commented on a Page, Twitter Stream  -  Jul 09, 2010

Hi. This script is good, however it's only useful to me if I can get tweets from a personal twitter list. My home feed is pretty much useless to me. I'm a blogger and I follow hundreds of people. The people I really care to follow are on a list.

So PLEASE consider adding a way to add support for twitter lists! It would be kinda neat to allow a way to have multiple windows as well, for people who want to have a window for their home feed and a twitter list, or just multiple twitter lists (that's how I'd set it up!)

Also, the bar at the bottom to send the tweets is too big. One line is enough. Unless you use a really small window, 140 characters fit on one line. Maybe you could make it so it resizes somehow?

I'll keep an eye on this page for a reply or an update... Please make this happen :)

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