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zonirc commented on a Product, here  -  Jul 02, 2009
the logo design contest website... I think I saw the icon at there but its for a iphone mobile cooking theme :) Thats why Im askin perhaps he the author :)

Cant give a url since the contest have been closed and lock
zonirc commented on a Product, here  -  Jun 23, 2009
hey wonder where did you get the icon LOL... is it you at that contest test
zonirc commented on a Snippet, Background Picture Animation  -  Jun 22, 2009
cool cool... who afifah actually mate :))
zonirc posted an Image  -  Mar 06, 2009
zonirc commented on a Snippet, Auto-Censor  -  Dec 01, 2008
I think this code can be useful in a strict channel(especially when their op's have a disturbing anti swear scripts). Sometimes the normal user had typed without knowing the words can make they be banned so this script can preventing them....
zonirc commented on a Snippet, /drawcir and /drawsect  -  Dec 01, 2008
this is a nice idea... however I think mIRC already have a /drawrect -e which can draw a circle eventhought in help file its pointed as a eclipse.
One thing I notice that you had use x and y as a center point(for me its confused myself and this totaly because im not good in math... i think this is the correct way to draw a circle isnt it?)
I also love to see if you can support the /draw* switches such as -r so that your script can be more versatile.
zonirc posted an Image  -  Nov 23, 2008
zonirc posted an Image  -  Nov 22, 2008
zonirc posted an Image  -  Nov 20, 2008
zonirc commented on a Snippet, drawing outline text on picture window  -  Nov 09, 2008
thanx BlueThen, now the screenshot already available.
Right now, I'm in process to make this alias can allow user to specified the outline size and perhaps can find other decoration style that can be make using this alias.
zonirc posted an Image  -  Nov 09, 2008
zonirc commented on a Snippet, drawing outline text on picture window  -  Nov 09, 2008
This is another example that can make the text look like a 3d text

Just type '/3dtext' or '/3dtext [N]'

feel free to use/alter it :)
zonirc commented on a Snippet, /selectcase statement  -  Nov 09, 2008
thanx Thelmrac, hopes it would be useful to others. Im have updated the documentation and added another example to show the idea for using it.
zonirc posted a Snippet  -  Nov 09, 2008
zonirc   -  Nov 08, 2008
@biase ahak salam bruas ekek sorry beb aku x pasan
baru la nie pasan ade request ekekekkekeke
jgn marah nooooo
lama x jumpa ngko ape citer now
zonirc commented on a Snippet, drawing outline text on picture window  -  Nov 07, 2008
already update it any comment guys?
zonirc posted a Snippet  -  Nov 06, 2008
zonirc   -  Nov 05, 2008
Im at undernet network in #klkite if nothing gone wrong :)
zonirc commented on a Snippet, Channel Modes Manager (Updated)  -  Nov 05, 2008

Well how would i get it to disable the modes if it isnt supported.. is there even a way to check for that

You can check it by using $chanmodes.

Also. Do you know if it can check what modes are selected and what ones arent so it can be automatically checked to cause no confusion.

You can use $chan(#channel).mode to determined the enable modes for the specified channel.

Im totally agree with others by using on init to check the current enable channel modes. However, its lack something such as when user keep the dialog open and the other channel operator changed a channel modes(or the user itself changed it manually).

So you need to watch the on mode event, and disable/enable the modes in dialog according to the current channel modes.

By using on active event also you can had one dialog for the whole channels, in other word the dialog would shown the correct modes for the active channel.
zonirc commented on a Snippet, Bitch Mode Dialog  -  Nov 04, 2008
The dialog seem ok for me but it would be more catchy if you put OK button a little bit down(like the cancel button) and maybe the frame can be resize to match the second frame.

The code can be shorten and have a little 'makeup':
on @*:OP:#: {
if (%Enable == on) && (%OP == on) && ($opnick != $me) {
.mode $chan -o $opnick
.msg $chan [4Bitchmode] Halfop Protection (Lifes a bitch)

However IMO this is not so useful but perhaps someone would think otherwise :)
zonirc commented on a Snippet, Channel Modes Manager (Updated)  -  Nov 04, 2008
I assume this script would working in some network only(especially the network that had implemented the specified chan modes...which many of them are unfamiliar for me).
IMO this is a simple script with a nice dialog and maybe you could added a couple thing on it such as:

1. Disable the modes if its not supported by the network
2. Adding a channel name into dialog title instead of 'Manager' so users know which channel the modes would be apply.

Anyway... its really something useful for the operators

Nice job
zonirc commented on a Snippet, $treeview  -  Aug 25, 2008
thanx typo youre right, I forgotten to remove the $switchbar(its can be used on 6.32 and above)... and the var line is actually for easy reading, so if anyone like to have a one line setting of var then you can edited it :)) anyway thanx Typo for telling about my error including $switchbar
zonirc posted a Snippet  -  Aug 24, 2008
zonirc posted an Image  -  Feb 11, 2008
zonirc posted an Image  -  Feb 11, 2008
zonirc commented on a Snippet, /getvid - download youtube video  -  Feb 11, 2008
thanx water_dragon
at least someone feel this one are useful :P
anyway this snippet will downloading a .flv file(which that was a youtube video file format) and that means you need a FLV player which like mountaindew suggesting you can try total video player or you can google for \'flv player\' or you can get a codec that supported the .flv player such as storm codec.

water_dragon you can renamed the file as any .xxx that you like, however you still need a FLV player to play it. Even if you rename it as .wmv(for example) and your player didnt support flv format then an error occured.

If you want to convert the downloaded file, once again u can follow what mountaindew said. Or you can try media converter(which im prefer :P), you can get it at http://www.mediaconverter.org/ (either you want used the online converter or download its free version)

For others, there was some major problem for the url this snippet echoing(at @getvid). Since any url that have a spaces are not being converted into url form so a clicking at it will not working(eventhough its work but its redirect the browser to a wrong url).... So its better used the \'-b\' switches for this moment(until Ive got a desire to recode this thing-got many video to download so cant have spare time to coding lol :P)
zonirc posted a Snippet  -  Feb 06, 2008
 Respond   mIRC   
zonirc commented on a Snippet, $switchtok  -  Nov 02, 2007
i dont mean that since the idea is really basic and anyone out there can/would think of it... since Im lost my enthusiam to coded it again so when i see you make this one, hopefully you will do much more or upgraded :) sorry my english not so good :)
zonirc commented on a Snippet, $switchtok  -  Oct 31, 2007
this is nice... however theres a problem especially when the param are not specified(null) like this example:
--> $switchtok(Testing this bodacious alias is sweet,3,,32)
or when the N or N2 specified as 0
--> $switchtok(Testing this bodacious alias is sweet,3,0,32)

just wanna shared with you :)

zonirc posted a Snippet  -  Oct 26, 2007
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