May 02, 2008

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foobar commented on a Page, Bored  -  May 16, 2008

Yes, your animation skills are gorgeous.

But why not approach a different component of mIRC scripting? Com? Regex? Basic scripting through new ideas?

Wouldn\'t that be fabulous? :D

foobar commented on a Page, Volume Window  -  May 12, 2008

Delightful :)

A few things:

A- What about adjusting wave, midi, song, AND master volumes? (checkboxes/buttons(?))
B- Mute button/checkbox/option
C- When I open up the picwin (if on 100% volume) it displays 100%; however, after adjusting it again, it only displays the maximum volume as 93%.. perhaps a calculation error?

Good luck on this! I really do enjoy the idea and it\'d be an interesting addition to say.. an mp3 player? :P

foobar commented on a Page, Clone scanner & Kicker (updated!)  -  May 12, 2008

Alright! Many updates :)

1) juhapuha, I tried a new method for dumping the clones into a database.. hope this solves your problem. If not, I\'ll do my best yet again to make a suitable clone scanner for your needs.

2) EL, join event added. In fact, I updated it so that, on a channel join, it will echo \"CLONES: \" if the user has any. Double click on \"CLONES:\" and all clones are kicked.

3) $clone(!@*[,#]) has been added! You can check out clones from an address and for different channels! :)

Example? Sure:

$clone(!,#mIRC) results in: nick <clones for nick on channel #mIRC>

~ More updates to come! This was just, again sigh, another bit of impatience and haste to release the second version. :P

foobar commented on a Page, Turn text into ascii  -  May 12, 2008

Pretty good, I made an alternative using binvars:

alias ascii { 
  bset $iif(!$prop,-t) &ascii 1 $1-
  return $bvar(&ascii,1,$bvar(&ascii,0)) [ $+ [ $iif($prop,.text) ] ]

Also, a little pointer: $eval(,0) (in your script) can be $!. So: $eval($chr,0) can be $!chr and $eval($+,0) can be $!+.

Perhaps try adding a way to do the opposite and convert asc values to actual characters? As I did in mine.

foobar commented on a Page, Clone scanner & Kicker (updated!)  -  May 12, 2008

Nope, you have some fixing on the script :)

  • /set: line too long (line 34, script5) - There was 100 users on channel and 70 clones.
    I am well aware of /set\'s limit. Just my impatiently releasing a beta. 9_9 I\'ll use hash tables or so soon.

Suggestions maybe add a on join event to trigger the scann an to auto kick cones been done sure but it would be nice to add.`-.-´
Thanks for your the idea, that\'ll be included when I get the time to update this.

foobar commented on a Page, Badword snippet  -  May 12, 2008

lol lazy git
not even Im that N00b

To be honest, I\'d rather use a program.
A) I don\'t think a user wants to go through the labor of constantly adjusting the dialog and making it align perfectly.
B) With programs such as dialog studio, you have alignment tools, etc.; making the final outcome even better than constantly adjusting everything.

Dialogs, in most cases, are used to look better and make things easier to handle. Why go through just as much work creating them? Sure, you might be lazy, but the result is worth it.

foobar created a Page  -  May 12, 2008

; ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ; —— Clone scanner 1.8 ; —— Author: foobar (Ken on ; —— Usage: Scan and kick clones ; ———————————————————— ; —— What it does: ; This snippet can either return,..

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