Apr 06, 2008

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Dictionary script by BloodHound About It looks up the definition of a word based on the first result from You can either use this alias or dialog based. Syntax /dict : (Alias syntax mentioned above) Echoes the results of the lookup into the active window /dictd or channel/menubar popups : (Dialog based mentioned above) Opens up a dialog in which you can type in the word..

BloodHound commented on a Page, Update Settings  -  Apr 08, 2008

Oh very nice! I\'ve rated it a 9/10 for your efforts, \'exceptional\' work here.

It\'d be neat if you could make a COM tutorial, you seem to know COM very well!

BloodHound commented on a Page, Progress Bar  -  Apr 08, 2008

1- You might as well just remove the error checking for the files, I think the script is fine without using them. It just floods the status window with a \'cannot find\' this and such.
2- Please prefix your timers with . to make them silent, we also don\'t need irritable echoes with \'timersoandso activated\' etc.

3- Pretty neat, I think you might be able to put this in a dialog using an icon and did -g as well for those who\'d like it. I\'m not sure though.

BloodHound commented on a Page, Status Imgs  -  Apr 06, 2008

Actually, nevermind, the problem must have been somewhere in your while loop. Now realizing that you have the correct formula, I edited your script and here is what worked:

alias ops.img {
  var %ops.perc = $round($calc(($nick(#,0,o) / $nick(#,0)) * 10),0)
  echo -a Ops:0,0--* 11,11 $+ $str(X,%ops.perc) $+ 1,1| $+ 14,14 $+ $str(X,$calc(10 - %ops.perc))

Since I am lazy to really discover why this happens, just try adjusting your script to that. ;P

Best wishes,


BloodHound commented on a Page, Status Imgs  -  Apr 06, 2008

Interesting idea, however, your while loops can easily be replaced with $nick(#,0,aohvr) (/help $nick).

Not only this, but your script malfunctioned for me. On a channel with no ops it returned 100% (my server supporting the ~&@%+ prefix & me using version 6.21). And on a channel with only 3 ops, it returned 50%. I\'ve discovered that this is due to your formula, EX:

My channel has 15 users, 3 are ops:

//echo -a $calc(($nick(#,0) / $nick(#,0,o)) * 10) returned 50%

Why? Because, $nick(#,0) (The total amount, 15) is divided by the amount of ops (3). IE: 15 / 3 = 5. Next, you multiply this result by 10. So, 5 * 10 = 50, returning 50%.

Try using this formula (X = Number of Ops, Y = Total amount of nicks): X / Y * 100

So now, we replace the variables with our real amount of ops and real amount of users:

3 / 15 (0.2) * 100 = 20%, which is the correct answer.

Try implementing this somewhere in your script.

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