May 10, 2004

mIRC Code Snippets

Bobbtyisdead created a Page  -  Jan 09, 2010

This script consists of an alias which checks how many nicks were mentioned during a message in a channel, and a small on text which uses this to ban the person if it exceeds 5.

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Bobbtyisdead created a Page  -  Jan 09, 2010

This was a system I put together on the concept of single on text and allow binds, a system system which allowed people to construct a script more modularly.

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Bobbtyisdead created a Page  -  Apr 26, 2007

This code snippit is something I cooked up to manage the auto joining of channels on a network, most scripts I've seen need manual adding of the channels either in script or in a dialog, this script simply saves the channels on click.

Bobbtyisdead created a Page  -  Sep 25, 2005

This script is a throttling manager, on my network we use a 2 min throttle instead of the default 1 minute throttle and if you don't stop getting throttled the delay before you can reconnect goes up, each time you fail to connect it resets the counter, so with mirc default settings, there's no way to connect to the server without manually disconnecting.

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Bobbtyisdead created a Page  -  Aug 17, 2004

A few times one of the operators on my IRC server's #general channel has asked for a way to automatically keep track of abusers nicknames, I designed away of tracking the registered nicknames linked with their host. This script records the hosts on 3 different levels, but relies on performing a /whois or them joining after you. Often people join with alternate nicknames, this script should show the..

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