Aug 02, 2007


Sephiroth1n6   -  Oct 09, 2007

@Sora- i just noticed about a minute after i posted that comment that i wasnt in the picture section after i clicked it lol...
looks like photo shop, i would never be able to draw anything that good lol,
you hear about the 3 other kh games?
kh coded for mobile (vcast i think)
kh 358/2 days for DS (i want it lol)
kh birth by sleep for PSP (now i need a PSP)
also KH2FM+ might be coming to the U.S. theres lottsa new story stuff and battles :O

Sephiroth1n6   -  Oct 08, 2007

@Sora- nice picture

Sephiroth1n6   -  Sep 28, 2007

@guest598594 what languages is scripting for dumases available for? lol

Sephiroth1n6   -  Sep 24, 2007

@Gummo /me pokes teh penguin

Sephiroth1n6   -  Sep 20, 2007

@Staccia shes mean tbh. i know her from swiftirc lol she looks a bit old also lol x.x

Sephiroth1n6   -  Aug 02, 2007


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