Published  Oct 12, 2011
Updated  Oct 12, 2011


I bring you a very unique perspective to IRC filesharing. To my knowledge, no other script offers as many features, stability or versatility as BORGserv will provide you. Whether it be standard DCC serving, XDCC, or even FServe, this script is certain to make sure all the leechers get what they want. After all, that's what we're all here for, right? :-D



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Oct 12, 2011
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cptpan   -  Feb 23, 2013

How the fuck do I use this?

jasonh   -  Oct 23, 2011

i no longer use irc fileservs but i must say this is pretty impressive. the dialogs are very well done as punktured has mentioned

Kentaro Kurosaki   -  Oct 15, 2011

Damn You out did your self

PuNkTuReD   -  Oct 13, 2011

i have no need for this script, but i just wanted to say, the dialogs are extremely well set out, great work.

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