mIRC Link Looker v1.1 by Dude

Download mIRC Link Looker v1.1

Size: 6 kb
Downloads: 4322
File was added on: 08/20/03
Compatible with: mIRC v5.11


The files available for download on this or any server run by Hawkee.com are provided "as is" and Hawkee.com can not be held liable for any adverse effects received from using this service. Creating direct links to scripts and addons on Hawkee.com is not allowed.

Review by: Hawkee

This script will try to give you an idea of any servers that aren't connected to the IRC network you use. It first builds a list of the current servers connected to the network, and when you run it again, it will compare the initial list to the current servers to tell you if anything is missing that was connected before. This could be helpful in telling you whether or not the server you are connected to was split from the rest or not. This lets you keep records for any number of IRC networks, edit them any which way with ease, and load other server lists. This is fairly easy to use and may be helpful.

Score: 13/20


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