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Platform:  mIRC
Published  Apr 01, 2012
Updated  Apr 01, 2012
This snippet will simply private message the person who invited you with a vulgar message, then ignore the person for 30 minutes, then close the PM window. Feel free to adjust the time setting and/or message. Any questions, please notify me. Updates will happen :) ON !*:INVITE:#: {
query $nick 11,1No bitch I do not want to join your cock sucking club. 8,1I will now ignore you for6,1 30 8,1minutes14,1. 12,1Thank you, and have a nice !@#$ day14,1!
ignore -u1800 $wildsite
window -c $nick


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DeaD_LoRD   -  Apr 02, 2012
Phil_FW   -  Apr 01, 2012
True, I forgot about that. lol
blackvenomm666   -  Apr 01, 2012
instead of doing query $nick you could just do .msg $nick. it will pm them without opening a pm window
Lenooox   -  Apr 01, 2012
Nice one! i like it :)
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