mIRC Spotify Now Playing

By Dark_Aaron on Feb 11, 2012

A small snippet and a .dll that allows you to retrieve the current playing track from spotify.
You may download spotify.dll from: http://ablakely.ephasic.org/spotify.dll

; spotify now playing script
; written by Aaron Blakely <aaron@ephasic.org>
; Requires spotify.dll, get it here: http://ablakely.ephasic.org/spotify.dll
; Put spotify.dll in your mIRC directory.

on *:START: {
  timer -o 0 1 setnp

alias spotifynp {
  ; used for including this np in your own scripts
  ; not much other use, change the format here or do some
  ; string opperations in your own alais, to extract the data.
  ; ~ Aaron

  return $dll(spotify.dll, song,) - $dll(spotify.dll, artist,)

alias setnp {
  if (%lastnp != $spotifynp) {
    set %lastnp $v2

alias np {
  ; change the format if you desire.
  ; artist: $dll(spotify.dll, artist,)
  ; song: $dll(spotify.dll, song,)
  ; Will add support for others soon.
  ; ~ Aaron
  me is listening to ' $+ $dll(spotify.dll, song,) $+ ' by $dll(spotify.dll, artist, ) on Spotify.


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dma   -  Apr 05, 2016

got A SAMPLE pic?

tallislinho   -  Aug 18, 2015

Dark, where I find the dll?

dma  -  Jan 18, 2016


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powersalad   -  Aug 09, 2013

Where do I put the .dll? Where do I put the script? I have mIRC...

hxck  -  Aug 10, 2013

Type //echo -a $scriptdir then navigate to the folder it shows and drop the .dll in there. Then copy the script from here, in mIRC go Tools > Script Editor (or press alt+r) and then File > New and paste it in there. Save as Spotify.mrc.

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Soul_Eater   -  Apr 20, 2013

And what is this? A rip off of my DLL? http://www.hawkee.com/scripts/23835308/

hxck  -  Apr 21, 2013

A lot of times things can look similar or be coded similarly for different reasons. Do you have proof that he ripped you off?

Soul_Eater  -  May 25, 2013

My DLL is open source, his isn't. Burden of proof is on him.

Scarheart33  -  Jan 08, 2014
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chachin   -  Aug 06, 2012

heh on mine instead of /np i changed it to /spot because i have another script for winamp/foobar2k that use np on bot players so /spot would be a better alias trigger

err0r007   -  Jul 15, 2012

very nice well done!

Dark_Aaron   -  May 12, 2012

@hlve Really? That's awesome. :)

To answer your question: no, you can't. I might at some point in the future update the .dll for such.

hlve   -  May 12, 2012

I signed up just to thank you for this script! I too have been waiting forever for a script like this.

Quick Question though.. with this DLL, can you call the HTTP link for the song?

b0sse   -  May 10, 2012

Simply amazing. Have been waiting for a now playing snippet for Spotify forever :D Great work mate.

Dark_Aaron   -  Mar 07, 2012

@Aha2Y, I would of done something like that, but to me it doesn't make since. Why would you try using it if you knew Spotify wasn't running? xD

Jordyk19   -  Feb 19, 2012

alias np {
describe $active NP: $$iif($replace($remove($dll(spotify.dll,Playing,.),Spotify,-), ,-) == $null, Spotify isn't running., $replace($remove($dll(spotify.dll,Playing,.),Spotify,-), ,-))

The one i have :)

hxck   -  Feb 19, 2012

Type //echo -a $mircdir in mIRC, then navigate the folder it shows you.
Put the spotify.dll file you downloaded in this folder.
Load up the snippet by pressing alt+R and pasting the code above into the box, then click OK.
Start Spotify and find a song.
Type /np in mIRC.

Scarheart33   -  Feb 15, 2012

How the heck does this work?

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