list renew

By cofvempire on Oct 07, 2011

its a simple list renew script
it stops at disconnect, but u can start and stop it with the rightclickmenu also
timer is set to check it every 20 min.
was a request so why would i not share it with all of you

normal => normal list without settings
min./max. users => just renew channels between min. and max. numbers
channels => add ur channels that u want (example: #mirc,#hawkee,#test)

menu * { 
  ..start: /tlist
  ..stop: /timerlist off
  ..start: /tlistmm
  ..stop: /timerlist off
  ..start: /tlistc
  ..stop: /timerlist off
alias tlist {
  /timerlist 0 1200 /list
alias tlistmm {
  var %min $$?="min. users" 
  var %max $$?="max. users"
  /timerlist 0 1200 /list %min %max
alias tlistc {
  var %channels $$?="what channels?" 
  /timerlist 0 1200 /list %channels
on *:DISCONNECT:/timerlist off


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N3M3S1S   -  Oct 10, 2011

Works now :D

Xavia   -  Oct 09, 2011


cofvempire   -  Oct 09, 2011

that it freezes on larger networks i know thats why i have added the man. max./channel select
so i would suggest on larger networks to use min. max. users select
and the stop should work tested myself and someone else :s

N3M3S1S   -  Oct 08, 2011

Still freezes up mIRC on larger network channel lists :\

And the stop list didn't work for me

cofvempire   -  Oct 07, 2011

lol tnx forgot to change that part :p

KilllerX   -  Oct 07, 2011

unless you edited out the

on *:Connect: { ... }

bit, I don't see how it would start on connect.'

in whichcase if you did edit out the "on connect" it would be wise to also edit out the section where it says "it starts on connect stops at disconnect"

cofvempire   -  Oct 07, 2011

added some more functies to it

N3M3S1S   -  Oct 07, 2011

What you could is set it to list only 100 channels, or add settings for it to allow the user to choose how they want the channels listed.

cofvempire   -  Oct 07, 2011

added a warning ;) :)

blackvenomm666   -  Oct 07, 2011

problem i see with using this one is on some of the bigger websites that have 2000+ channels it could freeze someones laptop everytime it /lists.

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