Timed ban

By D34th on Nov 22, 2010

This is my timed ban dialog this allows a moderator or an admin to set a ban for a user for 30 minutes or 1 hour or infinite this snippet it sets the ban for the user then unbans them in the amount of time specified by the checks it can be done by Nick/Ip/Host/ident just enter it into the edit and then click the time u wish the ban to stay for and click addban =) any questions / comments would be helpful

NOTE: This is from my upcoming r00t` iRC
NOTE: it is root asin root administrator on a linux shell not root asin a skiddie rooting peoples computer =P i feel the need to explain that in each post from it to avoid the comments calling me an skiddie =P

Alias Tb { Dialog -m Tb Tb }
Dialog Tb { 
  Title "r00t` iRC Time Ban"
  Option dbu
  size -1 -1 100 82
  Edit "Nick/ip/host",1, 2 2 96 11
  Edit "Room",2, 2 14 96 11
  Check "30 minutes",3, 2 27 50 11
  Check "1 Hour",4, 2 40 50 11
  Check "Infinate",5, 2 53 50 11
  Button "Add ban",6, 2 68 48 12
  Button "Done",7, 52 68 48 12
On *:Dialog:Tb:*:*:{   If ($devent == Sclick) {
    If ($did = 3) { Set %Timer 1800 | did -u $dname 4 | Did -u $dname 5 }
    If ($did = 4) { Set %Timer 3600 | did -u $dname 3 | Did -u $dname 5 }
    If ($did = 5) { Unset %Timer | Did -u $dname 3 | Did -u $dname 4 }
    If ($did = 6) {
      Set %ip.x $did(1)
      Set %room $did(2)
      Mode $did(2) +b $did(1)
      Timer 1 %Timer mode %room -b %ip.x
    If ($did = 7) { Dialog -x $dname $dname }
On *:RawMode:#:{    If (%ip.x isin $1-) && (-b Isin $1-) { Unset %Timer }
Menu Channel {   
  r00t` iRC Time Ban Script:Tb


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D34th   -  Nov 24, 2010

Will do Joe ^.^

NocturnalGuy   -  Nov 24, 2010

Very well done. Keep up the great work!

D34th   -  Nov 22, 2010

Because Dark| i wanted user input on a couple of the dialogs.

Dark|   -  Nov 22, 2010

i dont get it, if its coming up on a script that you made why post little snippets and just not the WHOLE thing? Other then that - Nice

D34th   -  Nov 22, 2010

Good to see you enjoy the snippet cupcake let me know if any bugs arise with it.

cupcake   -  Nov 22, 2010

works great, tested in a channel, changed the ban times i only do short period bans(the kind that makes them think twice about what they were doing) plus have a three time warning before ban. LoL

D34th   -  Nov 22, 2010

I will consider that @ Burrito but i just did a quick 5 minute throw together on this for my script ( main owner of universitychat(chat i co own) decided we have to ban users for 30 mins when we cus and i was like fu** that im gonna be lazy and make a script lol) but then i decided it maybe useful to others so i added it on here

Burrito   -  Nov 22, 2010

You should make an edit box to choose the time amount. Everything else seems good with a quick glance

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