Another AwaySystem

By D34th on Jan 04, 2010

Simple awaysystem decided to upload out of boredum and figure it will help someone out let me know if u have ideas or find a bug i tested it and theres not much to test but who knows maybe some bug lol

dialog Awaysys {
  title "Tritan Away"
  size -1 -1 97 69
  option dbu
  edit "Nick", 1, 1 2 58 10 autohos
  button "Set", 2, 63 1 32 10
  edit "Reason", 3, 1 14 58 10 autohos
  button "Set", 4, 63 14 32 10
  button "Go Away", 5, 0 27 96 12
  button "Come Back", 6, 0 41 96 12
  button "Finished", 7, 0 55 96 12
Menu Channel {
  Awaysystem { Dialog -m Awaysys Awaysys }
on *:Dialog:AwaySys:Sclick:7: {
  dialog -x $dname $dname
on *:Dialog:Awaysys:Sclick:6: {
  nick %bnick 
  amsg 10|_11 $+ i am now back from %areason $+ 10_|
on *:Dialog:Awaysys:Sclick:5: {
  nick %anick
  amsg 10|_11 $+ i am now away %areason $+ 10_|
on *:Dialog:AwaySys:Sclick:4: {
  Set %areason $did(3)
on *:Dialog:Awaysys:Sclick:2: {
  set %bnick $me
  Set %anick $did(1)


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D34th   -  Jan 04, 2010

i normally do use them just i threw this together rather quick for my script and found it to actually look nicer than my other one and so decided to upload it

Master-Of-Death   -  Jan 04, 2010

napa182 congratz on your 1500th comment, aliases would be easier D3ath. although they are less interactive.

D34th   -  Jan 04, 2010

i realize that it doesn't set you as away the away really bothers me i prefer to just use a nick like "De[A]th" to signify my being away its what i am accustom to doing when going away as for error checking i will look into it and add it later on and $awaymsg i use a older iRc version so i dont think that it is a default $

napa182   -  Jan 04, 2010

look into $awaymsg also this snippet does not set you as away on the server it only changes ur nick and sends a amsg saying ur away/back

also you may want to add a bit of error checking to this..

D34th   -  Jan 04, 2010

Forgot to mention for all of u who would be curious as to the title it being named Tritan - iRc well its a script that i am working on right now and i may release it here for all that would like it let me know if u want me to

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