Local/Global Channel Hop

By RusselB on Nov 20, 2008

This code will allow you to hop your current active channel, all channels on your current network, or all channel on all connected networks.

If you already have F10 assigned, just change the F key assignment.

Note: This code is designed to work from the Aliases section, not Remotes.

F10 { $iif($chan,.hop) }
sF10 {
  var %a = 1, %b = $chan(0)
  while %a <= %b {
    .timer -m 1 $calc(250 * %a) .hop $chan(%a)
    inc %a
cF10 .scon -at1 sF10


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[85]   -  Apr 22, 2012

Ok after 2 days checking ur script... i want to draw ur attention to one thing, every time when i connect to "new network" script alone hop all channels on other opened networks, u can check also by urself... How to fix this problem? Thanks in advance...

RusselB   -  Apr 20, 2012

To solve this problem, I'm going to suggest changing .hop to .!hop in my code

[85]   -  Apr 20, 2012

Ok its ---> /hop /hop # $read(random.txt) ... thanks a lot for help! Now working GREAT... :)

[85]   -  Apr 20, 2012

thanks for respond...
when i press SHIFT+ F10 or CTRL + F10 i get this output messages in my active window picture
also u can check my aliases picture i cant figureout why not work...
mby this alias make problems ---> /hop /hop # $read(random.txt)

RusselB   -  Apr 20, 2012

Based upon the function key assignment in the code:
1) For all channels on one network, use Shift + F10
2) For all channels on all connected networks, use Ctrl + F10

[85]   -  Apr 20, 2012

[b]- originally & authentic snippet...

  • just 1 question, when i press F10 he rejoin just one channel... how goes with all channels on all connected networks? if i understand good, description... :)[/b]
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