revolution deop revenge

By Linuxuser on Sep 07, 2008

try another one of my revenges this one bans, kicks, then deops the user who deop'd you then it removes their access if you are sop

on *:DEOP:#:{ if ( $opnick == $me ) {
    cs op #
     mode # +bb ( $wildsite,3 ) $fulladdress
      mode # -o $nick
       raw -q kick # $nick 5This is a revolution, I rule the world you have been vaporised off my land!!!
        cs sop # del $nick }
  { halt }


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jefsthampied   -  Jul 29, 2010

No comment~

Linuxuser   -  Sep 09, 2008

oh and i'll edit that bit it was for personal use the cs op del $nick

Linuxuser   -  Sep 09, 2008

ty for comments and Eugenio is right i used # because it was shorter and quicker to process also cs op del $nick is a trial of mine to remove the other persons access StaticX__

StaticX__   -  Sep 08, 2008

CS OP DEL $Nick? WTFFF?????

Eugenio   -  Sep 07, 2008

lol I agree tbh
diff. coding styles ;o
I despise ppl telling me to change my coding style `-.-´

a careful warchild   -  Sep 07, 2008

orite sorry scripting legends sigh
$chan just looks better imho.

Eugenio   -  Sep 07, 2008

exactly and tbh, who doesnt know that ?!?
they have work and $chan is hardly shorter than #

whimp   -  Sep 07, 2008

Why use $chan? # is just as good..

a careful warchild   -  Sep 07, 2008

napalm` people like you give hawkee a bad name.

also use


instead of #.

Eugenio   -  Sep 07, 2008

rofl wtf
was funny-ish the first time

napalm`   -  Sep 07, 2008

/me rips

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