AP acronyms addon

By APtrackz on Jan 04, 2008

A very simple acronyms manager I made that uses hash tables. This addon comes with a dialoged editor for an easier interface. You can view, edit, add, and remove acronyms very easily within this dialog. This script can be disabled and enabled at will. /apacro to start or use the channel/menubar popups.


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APtrackz   -  Mar 28, 2008

Thanks for your suggestions, Rebellious. I\'m currently fixing up the dialog right now, and I complete forgot to check in $active. Hopefully I can up this score a bit. :)

Rebellious   -  Jan 05, 2008

Works fine for me. Just a couple things that could be reworked and added.

1) Your input event should include an if ($active != Status Window), because your input event will message anywhere.
2) There should be support for notices & actions.
3) I think you should replace the menus with buttons. This would make everything easier.
4) The dialog should include the ability to disable/enable the module from there, and not the menu popup.
5) Sort of an addition to 4, you don\'t tell users that you can only disable/enable the script from the menu. This is not as imperative, but some might use the alias instead of the menu. ;)

Like I said, needs some improvement. However, this could turn out to be a neat script. Good work and Good luck. :)

APtrackz   -  Jan 05, 2008

Fixed a bug where it would only list one item on init due to .did -ra

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