By ^Alexis^ on Jan 02, 2008

Yo wassup, this is just a little sayer..change the color if u like. the credit goes to me and ckrab! GOES IN REMOTE find me on


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SLS10   -  Jan 04, 2008

...Seen it.

DarkDaemon   -  Jan 03, 2008

Hmm nice snippet i love el said. might wanna add more ! keep up the good work ^Alexis^!

^Alexis^   -  Jan 03, 2008

Thanks EL.ill be sure to edit once given a chance.

EL   -  Jan 03, 2008

Missing a closing bracket.With colors on the user wwill repeat once in cplors normal letters an once in the replaced acronym.Should strip it so it works with both colors on or off.

Thsi is what i mean is happening:

8,2lol 4,1)(0,114ghg 014uT 014D4,1)( But other then that it will work provided the closing bracket is added.And mybe add more acroz to it i.e: lmfao,pmsl,bbiab etc.Good job tho fixxer her up an your good to go.`-.-
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