By juuruichki on Dec 24, 2007

I made this outta boredom...and well...idk...have fun?

on *:TEXT:!jizz:*: {
  msg $chan  8=====(")=======D
  msg $chan 8====(")========D
  msg $chan 8===(")=========D
  msg $chan 8====(")========D
  msg $chan 4Wait!!!
  msg $chan I didn't jizz yet...
  msg $chan 8====(")======D 
  msg $chan 8===(")======D-~~~ $nick
  msg $chan all dun :p


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MoeEpsilon   -  Aug 09, 2008

I turned this into a kick in a menu, although i wont post the other kicks here:

menu nicklist {
.Jizz: /say 8=====(\")=======D | /say 8====(\")========D | /say 8===(\")=========D | /say 8====(\")========D | /say Wait for it!! | /say 8====(\")======D | /say 8===(\")======D~~~ $1 | /timer 1 3 kick $chan $1 All finished :D

SLS10   -  Dec 24, 2007


EL   -  Dec 24, 2007

Hmm so they jizz on themselves...nice.Maybe make it so they can target some one to jizz on $2 (also add ops protect for this so u dont have ppl usin yur script to jizz on ops) .Next you can be flooded out which is never fun add a lock to it whether it be a global timed var or a inc or timed .disable usein groups.`-.-

[Joshh]   -  Dec 24, 2007

I have a suggestion of making them timer elapsed, just for the sake of you not getting kicked. It might serve you well using them.

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