improved htmlfree

By Freckle on Oct 22, 2007

Hello all of you,

This is just a slightly different version of the normal htmlfree
What I did was I fixed some stuff that 2 words might show up as one
and a way to strip the line into more lines I'll give a example:

Sometimes this happens when reading from a website:

Hi I'm Rick...How are you

With this htmlfree:

Hi I'm Rick... How are you.

Sometimes on the website you see 2 lines, but when you read it, it shows up with only 1 line:


Hi I'm Rick...

How are you?

This will show up:

Hi I'm Rick...How are you?


When you use $htmlfree() then it will replace the "enters" with $chr(20) (This is just a random character that's not being used) so you can do this: $gettok($htmlfree(),2,20)

alias -l htmlfree {
  var %x, %i = $regsub($replace($1-,<td>,$chr(32),<tr>,$chr(20),<br>,$chr(20)),/(^[^<]*>|<[^>]*>|<[^>]*$)/g,$null,%x), %x = $remove(%x,&nbsp;)
  return %x


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Freckle   -  Jul 24, 2009

$chr(32) will replace

, means it will go to the next column.
Solitude   -  Jul 14, 2009

Since I love bringing up old stuff.. What would making it with $chr(32)?

Freckle   -  Oct 27, 2007

Ah right. forgot about that tag, thanks. script edited

KuTsuM   -  Oct 27, 2007

What if the website used
tags? Might as well add that in too.

Freckle   -  Oct 23, 2007

True =)

Gummo   -  Oct 23, 2007

Yes, but $chr(20) IS the separator, meaning that your script separates them. ;)

Freckle   -  Oct 23, 2007

no, it changes

Gummo   -  Oct 23, 2007

It\'s different because it separates sections within

to a space.
Gummo   -  Oct 23, 2007

$htmlfree makes use of a regular expression to remove HTML tags from text. This is an alternate version of it.

Freckle   -  Oct 23, 2007

lol, is there anyone that could explain it better then me?
I find this hard to explain people

Nick   -  Oct 22, 2007


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