Auto-Join channels after identify

By simo on Aug 08, 2018

join channels after u have identified for your registered nick just incase u have access on the channels you are joining to have u gaining access automated.

ON 1:Connect:{ 
   if ($istok(efnet dalnet freenode,$network,32)) { nick johnDoe24 | ns identify jh498kjfwjh2498 } ; example        
   if ($istok(YourNetwork1 YourNetwork2 YourNetwork3,$network,32)) { nick YourNick  | ns identify YourPassword }        

on *:notice:*:?:{
  if ($regex($1-,/(.*Password.*accepted.*|.*you.*identified.*)/Si) && $nick == nickserv) {   
    if ($istok(efnet dalnet freenode,$network,32)) { join #help,#lounge,#chat }  ; example        
    if ($istok(YourNetwork1 YourNetwork2 YourNetwork3,$network,32)) { join #channel,#channel,#channel,#channel,#channel,#channel }


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L0Ck3D   -  Aug 14, 2018

in which places do I have to change? I tried it here and it did not work

simo  -  Aug 15, 2018

im not sure what you tried as its pretty much self explanatory to get it to work for the network(s) your in

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