Topic Styles.

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jun 22, 2006
Updated  Jun 22, 2006
Hi All, Just Joined this site, seems cool.

Well, i posted this on SwiftIRC forums and people seemed to like it so i posted it on here.

All you have to do is add it to " Remotes " section.
Right click in the middle of the screen on mIRC and at the bottom it should say " Topic Styles " and there you go!

Click on the style you would like, and type in the topic text when asked!

Have Fun!

~ Puppy menu channel {
Topic Styles
.Red n' Black Mix: /topic $chan 14,77,45,44,51,55,18,1 7(~ 0,1 $?="Enter Topic Text" 7,1~) 4,1 5,11,54,55,47,44,7
.Red n' Black Lines: /topic $chan 8|0,8|8,7|4,7|7,4|5,4|4,5|1,5|5,1|9,1 $?="Enter Topic Text" 5,1|1,5|4,5|5,4|7,4|4,7|8,7|0,8|8,0|  9,12
.Blue Shades: /topic $chan 0,15%,11,15`%15,11%,12,11`%11,12%,2,12`%12,2%'1,2`%2,1% 1,2 .: 0,1 $?="Enter Topic Text" 1,2:. 2,1`%1,2%12,2`%2,12%,11,12`%12,11%'15,11`%11,15%,0,15`%
.Funky Red n' Blue: /topic $chan 4,1504040404040404040 $?="Enter Topic Text" 4040404040404040404040
.Green n' Grey: /topic $chan 9`%0,9%, 3,9`%9,3%, 1,3`%3,1%,9 $?="Enter Topic Text" 3,1`%1,3%, 9,3`%3,9%, 0,9`%9%,
.Nice Blue: /topic $chan 0,122,12`12,21,2`2,10,1 -= $?="Enter Topic Text" =- 2,1`1,212,2`2,120,12`12


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Reezy   -  Feb 22, 2009
Awesome Dude, Added some styles of my own to it :D, Great Work
EightBall   -  Jul 14, 2007
very nice styles i like em
Rhino   -  Feb 14, 2007
It worked for me, you should have added tmore styles though.
shugo103   -  Jun 27, 2006
lol, I don\'t get it everyone asks for some topic scripts but nothing happens when you do it.
Puppy_Love   -  Jun 23, 2006
Aww comon,

It\'s a good snippet!
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