The Murder Game

By jonypaul on Jun 21, 2006

Hi again. This time i've done a kinda simple game for bots.
this consists on trying to kick another user, but making it veeeeery hard. This cauz you have 1 chance in 40 of getting it right. Just right click the channel, go to Murderer Game and look around.
Same as always ---> ALT + R > FILE > NEW and paste it there.
By the way...i tested it, but if you find any bugs or problems just tell me :P

on *:TEXT:!murder*:#: {
  /set %murder $rand(1,2)
  if ($nick isin %murderer) { .notice $nick'll have to wait for some one to use the !murder command again to play. | halt }
  if ($nick !isin %murderer) {
    if (%murder == 1) {
      .describe $chan $2 was murdered...  
      /inc %PV $rand(-20,20)   
      /set %murderer $nick
    if (%PV == 0) {
      .msg $chan Wow... $2 I'm afraid thats the end of're dead.
      .kick $chan $2 You have reached 0 points...4DEAD
    if (%murder == 2) .describe $chan Sorry $nick $+ missed
    unset %murder 
menu channel {
  .Murderer Game
  ...Reset all:/rall
  ...Reset Number (random):/unset %pv
  ...Reset Murderer:/unset %murderer
  ...Current Murderer (cant play): msg $chan 7Current Murderer is: %murderer
  ...Number: msg $chan 7Currently, your lucky number is %pv but, when it reaches 0, anyone might have a little surprise...
  ..Help: msg $chan The Murderer Game is very simple: You type !murder <nick>. You've got 50% chance of hitting him/her. Then, the is something called the Lucky Number. This number can be between -20 and 20. However...if when you type !murder this number is 0, the nick you just killed gets kicked! You can play once, and then you can only play again when some one else tries to murder. Have fun!


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jonypaul   -  Jul 23, 2006

Anyway, i understand all your critics, cuz it can get really very boring, and the point system is kinda stupid...later i\'ll set up a new version that is more correctly scripted and less boring...I admit that i DONT like this game but a friend of mine asked me for it...but with a little improvement we can get somewhere

QuickStep   -  Jul 08, 2006

Usually I don\'t even bother posting comments on such snippets, but well here goes:

Why do you use (0 isin %PV)? Did you know this if statement also validates when %pv is 10? or when %pv is 20? Heck every number which contains a zero. This is obviously not what you want, so stop using isin and start using ==.
There is more wrong, but for now bother with this only.

jonypaul   -  Jul 08, 2006

Sasuke this is not suposed to go down...i mean eventully it is. It is a luck game, you are suposed to eventually reach 0. You never know who might get kicked...or when..

Sasuke   -  Jul 05, 2006

No. I don\'t get the \"Point\" concept. The points do NOT go down.

Raichu   -  Jun 24, 2006

didnt say it was ripped m8, i beleave there was this murder game previous, off course, not the same style, way bigger etc :p

jonypaul   -  Jun 23, 2006

Man, believe me, it wasnt ripped...

Raichu   -  Jun 23, 2006

there was a privious game, dunno the name anymore thou

jonypaul   -  Jun 22, 2006

Raichu no...:)
I said i copied it wrong from my own remotes. I tested it there, but when i put it here, forgot one part. From what I know, I think this is the only Murder Game here :)

Raichu   -  Jun 22, 2006

u trying to say u copyd it from some1 else?

jonypaul   -  Jun 21, 2006

ok done...:P
Now it is suposed to work...lool

jonypaul   -  Jun 21, 2006

OOHHH man i copied it wrong...

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