Spin the Bottle Script

By Torres126 on Mar 29, 2016

This is a mIRC "spin" script which has colours, different options and can be customised.

To add more, from line 14-15 add the same code as line 13 but edit the number to 7. For example, like this.

elseif %r = 7 { %msg = custom message here }

Then edit line 3 with the second to last character as seven or higher.

on *:TEXT:!spin:#:{
  if $nick(#,0) > 2 {
    var %t $v1,%msg,%nick $me,%r $r(1,9)
    while %nick = $me || %nick = $nick {
      %nick = $nick(#,$r(1,%t))
    describe # 4is spinning the bottle..
    .timer 1 2 msg # 2The bottle landed on %nick $+ !
    if %r = 1 { %msg = 3has to kiss the lips of }
    elseif %r = 2 { %msg = 3has to make out with }
    elseif %r = 3 { %msg = 3has to kill }
    elseif %r = 4 { %msg = 3has to lick }
    elseif %r = 5 { %msg = 3has to kiss the cheek of }
    elseif %r = 6 { %msg = 3has to kick }
    elseif %r = 7 { %msg = 3has to scratch }
    elseif %r = 8 { %msg = 3has to slap }
    elseif %r = 9 { %msg = 3has to give all their money to }
  .timer 1 3 msg # $nick %msg %nick $+ !
  .timer 1 4 notice $nick 6Make sure you carry out the deed!



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Sonnofa   -  May 09, 2016

anyway to make it active chatters, and not to call out the lurkers.

Arigateaux  -  May 12, 2016

You could set up a timer to check when the last time someone spoke. Use a hash table to store the ctime and check it against the time the command is used as a timeout.

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Arigateaux   -  Apr 19, 2016

There's an easier way to achieve this. Since your responses all have the same prefix "has to", you can just toss that into the response itself and create a list of items you want to add using tokens. Then you wouldn't need to keep track of how many tokens you have, since you can just use $numtok(text, C) to get the number of tokens and comparing it to %r. After doing this, you just append the returned token to your response and it makes the script much more usable. You can also use a text file and allow people to add their own responses via a command if you'd like.

Clark2016   -  Mar 30, 2016

doesn't this script looks like the same script by ZirixZero. http://hawkee.com/snippet/8033/ you just added few sentences.

dma   -  Mar 29, 2016

works great

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